word of radiance 5e How to Use Word of Radiance 5e Spell?

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The 5e Word Of Radiance DnD Catrip Cleric is truly on fire among the characters. This spell explodes a miniature fireball when you speak a holy word. It’s super fun to use. Word of Radiance and thunderclap are identical except that Word of Radiance lets you target a specific creature within 5 feet of you. We have covered the drawbacks and the finer points of the Word of Radiance spell. ).

What is DnD 5e: Word of Radiance? How is it used? How does it suit you? What are its drawbacks? Each one is answered in the next drawback. This will help you to understand the cleric spell.

As we continue, it is possible to get technical. If you have any questions, drop it below. Let’s get into the Cantrip Spell Word ofradiance 5e.

What is the DnD 5e word Of Radiance Cleric Spell?

The spell ‘DnD word of Radiance 5e’ succeeds you in making the creature of your choosing, either constitution saving throwable or taking 1d6 radiation damage. A hot, burning type of radiance is produced from your body when you cast a particular divine word. Damage of 1d6 may rise to

  • 2d6 at level 5
  • 3d6 at level 11, and
  • 4d6 at level 17.

According to Xanathar’s Guide To Everything page no. 1a71

Casting TimeOne Action
ComponentV, M (one holy sign)
MaterialsHoly Symbol

Revive Your Creatures

Evocation is the school of Word of Radiance 5e. This spell has a Cantrip level. This spell is only possible once per 5ft. Word of Radiance consists of Verbal and Material. This spell can be used immediately. Materials include a Holy Symbol. It does indeed have scales.

How to Use Word of Radiance 5e Spell?

Word of Radiance spell should be within 5 feet of any creatures that are so targeted. This spell is for clerics, so it will be used to target battle clerics. This spell is recommended for Clerics with a War Domain and/or Life Domain. You can reach level 5 when you have good armor and are able cast spirit guardians. The items within your 15 feet get either saved or taken 3d8, and speed is reduced to half. You can attack with a bonus action by casting a spirit weapon in the Bonus action. Word of Radiance can be used simultaneously.

Imagine a 5th-level cleric (Wis16) being surrounded by 3 hardy creatures. Without magic, he should have a 17+ AC. He can also inflict a maximum 1 round 145d8+16d6+3 to deal 1259 damage (although this is a very impressive potential at 5th level).

There is a darker side to this. Because those spells allow you exclude people, you may be able to bear multiple level 5 clerics at once and their effects will collide. All four clerics can receive a single goal. This allows for a single target 13d8 + 6d6 + 12 each round.

This only reduces the movement and makes it difficult to escape. CR 5 creatures have a classic look and are capable of generating around 100 hp. These four clerics are high AC and inflict around 75-100 damage per turn. If your four clerics become completely surrounded, then damage of 4000 per round is possible. This is a very practical killing machine. We take approximately 4000 damage per round if we have four clerics around us.

Best Paladin

What is the suitability of Level 1 Spell and Cantrip to a 5e beginner Cleric?

The ability to strike multiple monsters with one Cantrip’s Word of Radiance 5e DnD is well worth it for a melee Cleric. The second Cleric must be related to Guidance. They can be either clerics, or druids. It gives a bonus to any ability roll. The Healing Word is more widely used than cure words. This means that you can use a healing word as a bonus action.

When you’re able to take a short break, cure words can be used. This helps you to get hit points back.

Drawbacks of DnD word of Radiance 5e and a Sound of Cantrip Spell

Word of Radiance does have the amazing ability to suddenly display a mini-fireball of radiating damage, which is quite impressive. It isn’t that impressive though. This spell is good if your cleric is already present in the melee, but it is not worth being exposed.

These are the defying drawbacks to AoE spell and cantrip sound:

  • This will only affect one or two opponents. Five feet is too small to be considered safe. The good news is that opponents are rarely too close. Maximum times they are extended well to escape the spell.
  • Con is the saving throw, in major. This means there is no damage to the success. Con can be an incredible save and your opponents will beat it.

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However, it is evident that the radiant damage shows that opponents will be able to overcome their resistance or immunity.

Wrapping up

Do you have the minifire ball ready for you? It has its drawbacks but it is worth giving it a try. The Word of Radiance has already lit up my life.

If you’re feeling the same emotions I am, then you have me. Have a good time and don’t forget me to contact you before you go. I’m ready to hear about your adventures and see your clever tricks.

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