EdrawMax Review: The Best Diagram Software

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1. Lead-in part

EdrawMax is an effective tool for easy diagramming and swift premium chart production. Have you ever wondered why designing a chart takes so long? The time is inversely proportional to the tools in the program in this equation. That means the number of accurate and ideal tools you use to create a chart will decrease the time spent creating the design. In simple words, the more the number of tools, the less time software will take for a diagram.

Considering the number of tools, it has the highest number that genuinely benefits the customer. It supplies a massive range of features that collectively create a user-friendly environment. If you want to use free online software with built-in illustration tools ideal for everyone, regardless of skill level, Edraw is perfect for you. 

Another exceptional ability that makes it highly beneficial for everyone is its template community. EdrawMax has the largest template community with 5000+ templates in store. This number includes all interactive, essential, and helpful organizational charts, flow charts, home decor diagrams, and bubble diagrams. 

2. EdrawMax: Multiple Features to Use

EdrawMax is a free diagramming tool that makes it easier to create diagrams in any visual format. It comes with a vast collection of shapes and symbols, so you can use it virtually on any project.


It has been around since 2002 and continuously evolving from the past. At its start, the program didn’t have any extra applications or features. However, as years passed, the firm revolutionized itself. There are several diverse reasons why this program has been the top priority among the contenders. These reasons are the leading cause why customers find it valuable and ideal for their charts:

Multi-project Program:

You can use this program to easily draw flowcharts, organizational charts, and many other types of diagrams. It also comes with a huge collection of shapes and symbols. So, you can use it on any kind of project.

User-friendly Exposure:

EdrawMax is extremely easy to use. Its entire interface is specific to the customer’s attention and need. That means you won’t face any difficulty in navigating through the features. Being a user-friendly software, its operation becomes far easier. Therefore, the general public finds it surprisingly accessible. 

General Public Usage Compatible:

Unlike other design programs, this one does not need any special expertise. Every typical individual can use it to advantage. So, this program is beneficial for the whole community. 

Ready-Made Template Collection:

The pre-made templates and layouts are also the specialty of this program. It has the biggest layout collection – a click far from you. That means you’ll be given a free layout with editable components of your specific chart type with a single click. That is how the program shrinks the hourly tiring work in a few minutes of activity.

Universal Diagram Format Conversions:

The best part about this software is its universal compatibility. From the start, this has been an issue. If a program is ideal in the design process, it won’t be compatible with general sharing platforms such as Microsoft word. However, EdrawMax made it crystal clear that compatibility and efficiency can go side by side. Right now, this program can export your design in 14 different formats. That means it will get you all covered. Just with this single program usage, you’ll be able to share your diagram at various social levels in just a few clicks. 

Highest Customization Ability:

It has the highest customization degree you’ll find at the time. The program has a massive range of editable components that you can use. The most important part of designing is the symbols. These pre-made small components make your work less tedious and time-consuming. It has tons of these in the store for you. At a rough estimate, its library packs 25000+ symbols that are increasing day by day. That is not all! It allows you to make your own symbols and save them in your personal library.

Evolving With The Market:

Wondershare Edraw tries to be highly valuable for its customers. Therefore, it keeps updating itself with the pace of the market. That’s the main reason why this program stays ahead of other competitors.

Recently, the program came up with a new UI that became intensively popular with the public. This new UI had a unique distinction for customers. It kept everything in a visible and interactive range. So, customers kept exploring the features and assessing their superiority.

Besides that, a few months back, the program introduced a special mini toolbar for the customers. This addition proved to be highly useful for everyone. Now you won’t have to jump up and away to access your favorite tools. The mini toolbar solved the issue by placing every befitting thing in the cursor range. 

3. Price Package

Everything in this world comes at a price. However, the free diagram software EdrawMax is different. This program has a specific free version that has the most functions you’ll need for chart production. You’ll get design layouts and templates without paying a penny. Indeed, that makes the program exponentially demanding in the market.

Plus, you can go for the individual or team plan if you want additional features like multiple format export and premium cloud service. Also, the program facilitates teachers and students with the educational plan. 

  • The individual plan costs just around $99/year.
  • The team plan has an initial cost of $505.75/year.
  • Last but not least, the educational plan costs $62/semi-annual or $85/year.

4. How Does EdrawMax Work?

Those days are gone when you had to stay up late working on a basic visualization. EdrawMax is the software with the easiest operational procedures – making drawings extremely easy. The whole process is just a matter of a few clicks. Not only that, but with ideal processes, you can create complex diagrams and charts within minutes. 

The complete step-by-step procedure for creating a diagram in EdrawMax is as follows:

  1. You must start from the base if this is your first interaction with the program. The first step is to download the program and register an account. For this purpose, head to your browser’s search engine and then to EdrawMax’s official website. There you’ll find an option to “Try for free” you can download the program from there. Remember to download the package according to your PC package. That means download .exe format for Windows PC and macOS specific for iMac. Since you downloaded the program, the next step is to register using your email address. Open the program and make an account to log in to its home interface.
  2. Now, you can create the diagram from scratch by clicking the “New” option. On the contrary, a template community is a way to go if you want a fast, simple, and effective solution. Click “Templates” on the left to find and use your specific chart.
  3. Now customize the layout according to your preference. EdrawMax has tons of customization tools available. You can add, remove, replace, and edit the components of a layout as per your choice.
  4. The final step is to export and share your finished product. Here again, you’ll have two choices. You can either export it in the personal storage room of your PC or the community. The EdrawMax lets you post your diagram as a template in the community. You can do so by tapping the “Publish” button on the top right corner of the screen.

5. Why choose EdrawMax?

Undoubtedly, this program has become the face of the design with its premium features. People need evidence to believe in its supremacy. There are several reasons why choosing EdrawMax as a diagram software would be ideal for you. Such as:

  • The software is extremely easy to use—no experience is required. That means even if you don’t know the ups and downs of diagram designing, you’ll be good to go with this software. 
  • This customer-oriented program has the largest template community. With its help, you can create the software you need in a matter of seconds. 
  • This program lets you share your editable designs with other social platforms that do not support .eddx files. That is why this program is the way to go if you want your diagram in an interactive PDF or Excel form.
  • This program has the highest security level encryption in cloud storage. No matter what happens, a breach in the server is impossible. So, your design and template will stay the same and safe throughout the journey.

6. Final Thoughts

EdrawMax is a highly beneficial tool for creating numerous diagrams and chart types. The Wondershare experts designed this product ideal for every general social person. That’s the reason why people find it extremely helpful in simple and complex chart production.

Moreover, this program has the safest cloud storage of all. It minimizes your worries about saving your project again and again. The automatic cloud saving keeps your design safe and untouched if the program window closes accidentally.

The best part is that all its major features are available for free! Why would anyone reject the opportunity of free, physically presentable diagrams that can enhance your academic career and make your business successful? Don’t wait! You don’t know how long it is going to stay free. 

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