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Snapchat is an unusual place, and I mean that in all the best ways. We didn’t know Snapchat accounts could be locked until a few months ago. They have now introduced the Spotlight feature, and many more are being revealed. Among all of this, there are still many features in DMs that Snapchatters are not familiar with. Today we will answer the question ” What Does pending Mean on Snapchat?“. If you’ve ever seen it, you know all the possible reasons.

Snapchat is full of quirky and fun things, but it can sometimes be difficult to understand its anatomy. It can be confusing to see if someone has blocked your Snapchat . This is something that is easy on other apps. It is not easy to know what pending means on Snapchat. We did our best to find the right answers for you.

You can make a mistake if you see pending on Snapchat. A grey arrow indicating that is pending can be caused by many things. We have provided all the details below. Let’s move quickly to find out what pending means on Snapchat, where it appears and when it happens.

Here are the Details

You may have noticed the unwelcome word’pending‘ in a profile. It can be seen in their chat tab and in their DM. ” Pending” is usually displayed with a grey icon. This raises questions such as ” What does pending on Snapchat look like in the grey Arrow?

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We have the exact answer to your question “What does pending on Snapchat mean?”

What does Pending mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat can’t deliver the message or snap to the person if it is “Pending”. However, the “Delivered” text will appear on your streak. However, there will be a grey icon beneath it. This is a sign that the person hasn’t added you to their friend’s list. Snapchat does not consider the person your friend.img alt=”What Does Snapchat’s Pending Mean?” src=”https://pathofex.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/What-does-Pending-mean-on-Snapchat-1200×861-1-1024×735.jpg”/>

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any other possible reasons. Below are all possible reasons why Snapchat has pending.

Use Dark Mode on All Devices

Reasons Snapchat has “Pending” You have encountered

Now that you understand what pending means on Snapchat, let’s look at why you see pending. What does this mean? It is why you are seeing it in your friend’s chat. These are the possible explanations.

1. Your friend request is not approved

Snapchatters won’t usually accept friend requests. This is why you’ll see Pending on Snapchat. It is possible that they missed your request, or ignored it. They will not be able see the streaks that you sent until they accept your request.

2. You have been unfriended

You may be seeing Pending on Snapchat because they have unfriended. After being friends for a while, you now see a grey arrow. This means they have removed your name from their friend list.

Snapchat does not notify you when someone removes your name from their friend’s list. You can only verify this manually by visiting the profile of the person on Snapchat.

These are the steps to follow if you want to delete someone from your friend’s list.

  1. Snapchat Open
  2. Swipe left for the Chat page.
  3. Click on the Bitmoji Image of your friend that you wish to unfriend. You can also click on their profile icon within their DM.
  4. Click on the three dots in their profile. It will be located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  1. Click on the ” Remove Friend” icon.

After this, your friend will be removed and you won’t receive any streaks or snaps.

3. You are blocked

It is possible to be blocked by another person without knowing it. Snapchat does not notify you if a friend blocks your account. Snapchat doesn’t notify you if a friend blocks you. That’s why you see pending on Snapchat.

4. Snapchat has placed restrictions on your account

img alt=”What Does Snapchat’s Pending Mean?” src=”https://pathofex.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Network_blocked-177063684.png”/>

Snapchat will ban you if you violate the Snapchat policy or harass someone on Snapchat. You will not be allowed to send streaks or messages freely. You’ll see a lot more Pending on Snapchat before a month.

5. They have made their accounts private

Let’s say your friend has a private Snapchat account,. In these accounts, you can send friend requests without having to create an account. Send your streaks to be delivered. You might have to ask your friend to send you pictures if their account was public. You’ll see a gray pendingarrow in your streaks until they accept your friend request.

6. Snapchat Glitch

Although the chances of it happening are low, there is still a chance if we cover all possible reasons you may have encountered on Snapchat. This could be caused by a bug or error on the Snapchat server. It could be that they are unable to send you snaps and display an pendingarrow underneath it. If this is the case, wait a bit and then start Snapchat again.

How to Fix Snapchat’s “Pending” Issue?

img alt=”What Does Snapchat’s Pending Mean?” src=”https://pathofex.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/why-does-snapchat-say-i-have-too-many-friends-1601999331131-1-1024×536.jpg”/>

We will do our best to resolve your problem. You should now know what pending is on Snapchat and what the reasons are. Now it’s time for you to solve your problem.

1. Check Your Network Connection

Sometimes, problems can arise due to network issues. You can check your internet connection in this instance. Turn off Wifi and then start it up again. You should also check your mobile network and other similar factors.

2. Send Streaks to Other Friends

To check if your account is having issues, send streaks out to friends. Then check to see if they have the same grey Pending icon in their chats. It is possible that your account is having problems. ( Maybe no one has accepted your request to be a friend on Snapchat.

3. Connect with your friend on other apps

You can text your friend or other social media apps to send your photos. You can tell them you sent a Snapchat request and they will respond.

4. Send it Again, Cancel the Request

Perhaps they didn’t notice your request earlier or you were simply overlooked in all their other requests. You can cancel your request by removing the person from your friend list and asking them again. If they know you well, they will accept your request. If not, there is no way for you to be added to their friend list.

5. It’s all over the place

Move on if they don’t accept your request. They are clearly not interested in you. They don’t respect your efforts (of sending them first requests). It’s best to cancel your request and be kind to yourself.

6. You can check if the same thing is happening to others

Ask your Snapchat friends if you suspect there is a glitch. You don’t have to be ignored if they have had the same issues. It’s Snapchat playing with your mind.

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Wrapping up

Now you are aware that pending can appear due to a Snapchat glitch, or if you have been blocked by them. Another option is to uninstall the Snapchat app, then reinstall it. For logging in again, you will need to sign in with your credentials. This was all about the article “What does Pending mean on Snapchat?”

Comment below if you found it useful. This article can be shared with friends who are experiencing the same problem. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Question

If you send a Snapchat request and it is not accepted, you can send a message. You will receive a ” Pending ” on Snapchat. If someone blocks you, their account will not be visible to you.

Snapchat will notify you if someone unfriends your account.

If Snapchat shows pending but you are still friends it means that Snapchat is experiencing a network problem or glitch. You can try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. Before uninstalling, make sure that you have your login credentials.

Snapchat’s “Pending” means the person has not accepted your friend request or removed you from its friends list.

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