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Wonder Egg Priority, a Japanese anime television show, is available. The series’ genre is psychological horror, fantasy, and psychological drama. Shinji Nojima created Wonder Egg Priority. Continue scrolling to see Wonder Egg Priority.

This story shows the innocence of a young boy who believes in his dreams. He dreams that he can return his friend and save the lives of others. He then begins to do everything he can to help his friend, such as buying Wonder Eggs. The whole story is a testament to the pure determination of a friend in bringing his friend back to life.

Trust me, pick the platform you want to view Wonder Eggs Priority on from the article and invite your friends to join you.

The Wonder Egg Priority

The story of Wonder Egg Priority centers around the desire of a high school junior boy, Ai Ohto, to bring back his friend Koito Nagase. Ai’s friend Koitio Nakase committed suicide and cannot go to school. Later, Ai hears a strange voice and is guided to the abandoned arcade by a gachapon that gives out ‘Wonder Eggs’.

Ai dreamt that night that he would be transported to a place where Wonder Eggs can crack open and reveal a girl. A vision came to Ai that Ai must protect the girl from the ‘Seeno Evils’ monsters. A mysterious voice informs Ai that if you save enough people in the world, you can bring Koito back. He continued to buy Wonder Eggs and protect their inhabitants after hearing the voice. He meets three girls, Momoe Sawaki and Neiru Aonuma along the way. You can watch this emotionally connected fantasy of a junior high boy on any of these platforms.

Watch Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority is the best platform to see a love story about friendship. Wonder Egg Priority is a depiction his trust in him, for bringing his wife back. You can watch Wonder Egg Priority at any of these platforms.

1. Wonder Egg Priority for Funimation

Subscribe to Funimation to see this amazing animation about Wonder Egg Priority, a junior high-school boy. Funimation subscriptions are easy to obtain. You can choose from the shared offers below.

  • Funimation Premium Subscriptions are $5.99 per Month
  • Funimation Premium Plus subscriptions start at $5.99 per calendar month
  • Funimation Premium Plus Ultra subscriptions start at $99.99 per annum

2. Netflix’s Wonder Egg Priority

Netflix has stopped streaming Wonder Eggs Priority in recent years. You don’t have to be discouraged; there are many web series and movies.

3. Hulu’s Wonder Egg Priority

Hulu, do not stream Wonder Egg Priority. Hulu allows you to watch anime from the same season on Hulu.

Wrapping up

For animation lovers, Wonder Egg Priority is the perfect series. You can see the fantasies of a junior high-schoolboy about his friend who has died. This story is a mix of psychological drama and psychological horror. You will find the information you need in this article about where to see Wonder Egg Priority.

Frequently Asked Question

Wonder Egg Priority is currently not available on Netflix. However, we hope to be able to stream it on Netflix soon.

Hulu’s streaming Wonder Egg Priority is not something we can comment on.

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