What Does Compass Recovery Do :- Enchantments to Experience How Does Compass Recovery Do 

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Learn all about Compass Recovery in Minecraft, including where and how to activate it.

Did you know that Minecraft now has new stands? The new 1.19v update for the Bedrock edition was released on 7th June 2022. It is also known as The Wild Update In Canada and the United States. This update is available for Windows and Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch (PS3, Xbox, MacOS), Linux, and PlayStation 4.

What are you waiting to do? Check out What Does Compass Rescue Do below.

Recovery Compass:

The Recovery Compass, a new device in Minecraft’s latest update, is now available. The Recovery Compass can help you locate your old loot area so you can retrieve looted items that you lost last time. It’s an important gadget in the event that the player is likely to die multiple times or in an unusual place.

How do I activate it?

The Recovery Compass activates offhand while the Hotbar is held and while it is active. To find What does a Recovery Compass do in Minecraft?, the player must hold it. The needle will point in the direction that the player last died. To reach the location, the player must follow the pointer.

There are some conditions that must be met first. Here are some examples:

  1. The player must be in the same dimension as he died previously.
  2. If the compass spins indefinitely, it indicates that the player is in another dimension.
  3. If the player is killed while on the quest for the last location, his compass will point to his current location of Reincarnation.
  4. You can only access the Recovery Compass via the snapshots area.

Enchantments to Experience How Does Compass Recovery Do :

Only one enchantment can be used to recover a compass. It is the ‘Curse Of Vanishing’.

Finding Recovery Compasses:

To obtain Echo Shard, the player must travel to the Ancient City. It can be found in a chest. The Ancient City is an area that’s new in the Biome’s deep dark Biome. The Biome contains several blocks that are unique, such as Skull Catalyst and Skull Shrieked. Skull Sensor and Skull Vein are also available.

The only crafting recipe that can generate the Recovery Compass or find out What Does Compass Recovery do is the “Compass In the Eight Echo Shard.” This is the only way to create the Recovery Compass.

Recovery Compass locates the location in which the player died. This is the main goal of the Recovery Compass.


Hidden in the middle of is the Ancient City with Wool Blocks, Deep Slate and a Chest with Echo Shard . The ancient city’s warden starts attacking the player with smell and sound by using 500 health points. Three times the Skull Shrieked triggers will cause vibration/sound. It will not be easy to find the Recovery compass.

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