Virtual Number Online is a Modern Solution for Business Development

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The digital age imposes on companies the need to have flexible and dynamic processes that allow them to develop activities with freshness and adaptability. Attention to consumers is one of these processes. It has become much easier to work and offer your products or services in geographic areas that are far from us due to the online business popularization. However, as this moment has become simpler, resolving customer problems or incidents has become more difficult. The best solution in this context is the usage of such a service as a virtual number.

Virtual PBX is a modern type of communication used in many companies. It offers free calls at the best traffic price and does not require the installation of hardware, and the purchase of PBX stations. The provider will only connect company numbers to its equipment. Freezvon Company can be easily perceived as a decent provider for efficient cooperation as it has lots of useful options and offers pleasant working conditions.

Virtual PBX: features

The use of a virtual phone number online allows you to use all the functions: analytics, call settings, forwarding service, advantageous communication, and video calls. Modern virtual PBX services can be connected at an affordable price. In addition, 24/7 help desk assistance is provided daily. The client receives at his/her disposal a PBX, actually located on the provider’s servers when agreeing with the company. Free calls become possible between employees of the organization, no matter where they are (by connecting a virtual PBX at an optimal cost, which is much lower than the price of subscriber international, long-distance tariffs, and cellular communication). All you need is an Internet connection and a softphone program installed on your mobile device or computer.

How does it work?

The “IP” abbreviation stands for Internet Protocol. Computers and other devices based on it recognize each other and accurately exchange voice messages. What happens directly during the call? At this point, the voice is transformed and becomes a digital signal. It enters the device and is transmitted to the subscriber. The signal is recognized by another gadget, and the stream changes again and becomes analog. As a result, the subscriber picks up the phone and hears his usual speech.

Benefits of virtual PBX

The use of the mentioned solution in the work of the company provides many advantages

  • The ability to quickly serve customers using smart forwarding, which allows you to answer all calls and retain customers.
  • Free communication between staff, making calls to any landline and mobile number.
  • The possibility of using the toll-free number to attract buyers who can call the company absolutely free of charge.
  • Keeping a record of dialogues with customers to track the quality of service and identify problems in the work process.
  • Making operational calls between company employees after setting up short numbers.
  • Connection of mobile communication means to CRM.
  • The possibility of implementing profitable long-distance and international communications.
  • High-quality services, with the attachment of a personnel specialist to clients.
  • More efficient work management.

You do not need to buy special equipment or call the master to connect IP telephony. It is enough to pay a subscription fee for automatic telephone exchanges once a month on a Freezvon website. The monthly payment depends on the services that are connected additionally and the type of number. A virtual PBX connection eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment and maintain a full-time system administrator. The provider is in charge of maintenance. The well-known and familiar digital tool will remain even when the company will move and change its phone number or address.

The capabilities of IP telephony are many times greater than the functions of some analog and digital PBXs. So, for example, Freezvon offers more than 20 services: voice greeting, call queue, forwarding, recording, storage of telephone conversations, voice mail, etc. IP telephony allows you to scale the existing corporate telephone network. The number of lines can be changed in minutes both in the direction of their increase and decrease. 

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