Unusual Casino Games

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The casino industry constantly evolves. Although there are games that have cemented their position in the gambling industry, there are people who will consistently introduce new games to the market.

Today, we will take a look at some unusual casino games. If you want to check them out for free, you can play in demo mode at most online casinos. As such, it is not uncommon to see these new releases in top-ranking online casinos like


The Aviator game is based on flying. Developed by Spribe, it is like a slot machine where the results are random—you do not need any skill to play it. 

There are three parts that you must pay attention to in the game. 

  • The first one is the main screen where an airplane takes off. It gains momentum and then also gains altitude. The higher the altitude, the higher multiplier it provides. 
  • Below that is the cockpit—it is where you manage your bets. It is the area where you get to interact with the game. You cannot control the plane as much as you cannot control slot machines.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will see the avatars of other online players. Here, you will see how much money they earned or who withdrew their bets.

Once the plane takes off, you have the option to cash out. As the plane is still flying, you will see how much money you can cash out. Then, the plane will suddenly fly off. Your bet is gone if you do not cash out before it flies off. You lose it. 

Essentially, the game is based on greed. As the plane gains altitude, it also pays a higher multiplier. Your natural inclination is to wait until it gets really high. The thing is, you will never know when it will fly off—it may even fly off even if the multiplier has not even met the cost of your bet.

Football Manager

Football Manager is a multiplayer game where you become a manager—without even leaving your chair at home. The way it works is similar to Aviator. The screen has several parts—the first one being the main screen. There is a dashboard on the right side where you can place your bets in the game. Like the Aviator game, you can adjust your bet size. 

Once you place the bet and the game commences, a ball flies in the air, and the multiplier begins to increase. Your next step is to click on the ball on your betting dashboard to cash out. 

The ball will crash any moment, so you have to cash out at the right time. So, let us say that you placed $1. Once the ball hits a multiplier of 1.5x, you might as well cash out to ensure that you get your $1 back plus a profit of $0.50. 

As a player, you do not know when the ball will crash. If you do not cash out by the time the ball crashes, you lose your bet. 

The betting range is wide, between 0.01 and 100. Keep in mind that the prize you win here is a multiplier. The maximum win is 1,000x your bet. 

High Striker

High Striker is another game by EvoPlay where you could win as much as €80,000 in some online casinos. The maximum win is 1,000x your bet. 

Like the first two games discussed, it is a game that is based on chance and greed. The longer you wait to cash out, the riskier the game becomes. 

The game simulates the creation of a new hash in an algorithm. As the game commences, the multiplier also increases. You must stop the game or cash out before the hash is completed. 

Unlike the Aviator and Football Manager, there are no graphics on the game except the multiplier. The trick here, really, is to cash out early. The size of your bet has no relevance—it’s just that you lose more money if you bet larger amounts.

Casino War

The last on our list is Casino War. It is a game based on the card game called War. Here, you are playing against a dealer. The dealer will draw cards after you place your bet. The card ranks are compared, and players with cards that have a higher card than the dealer win. The prize is even money. If the dealer has a higher-ranking card, the player loses. 

In case of a tie, nobody wins. However, you must put another wager on the TIE bet. The tie bet must be equal to the original wager. It is in this part of the game where you are going to war. Then, the dealer draws new cards. The one who has a higher-ranking card wins it all. 

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