Train Rail Strikes Scam :- Increased use of railways has led to an increase in travel

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Learn more about the Train Strikes Scam which involved many factors in avoiding fraudulent actions by machine learning.

Did you know that scams are still being perpetrated on Railways in the United Kingdom. What is the purpose of Scams? Did you know that scammers can take advantage of reimbursements provided by railways?

Did you hear about the Railway Strikes that are being planned for next week? Did you know that Railway workers also feel scammed? Let’s look at the Train Strikes Scam.

Railway reimbursement Scams:

Increased use of railways has led to an increase in travel. The massive use of Railways has also led to increased delays. According to 2018-19 data, 87.8% trains arrived on time. Delays in trains can cause passengers problems and loss. The Railways will compensate passengers if the train arrives more than 15 minutes late, excluding engineering works.

Gary Thompson (47), took advantage of Railway compensation and the Railway Scam was proven to be true. He used evidence to file 125 claims and identities to get the PayPal refund. Train Rail Scam came to focus with the repaid amount PS39K.

Fraud protection officer noticed an increase in PayPal refunds, and investigated the claims. This led to Gary Thompson being placed in prison for ten months, 150 hours of unpaid work and a PS2,500 fine.

Similar cases were also discovered when Kristin Magnuson (49 years old) claimed a repayment amount in the amount of PS2,136 for trips she didn’t make. Data also revealed that only 35% passengers claimed repayment. This is because of the lengthy process involved in applying for repayment.

Train Rail Scam :

It was evident that the annual repayment amount had increased by 80% or PS150 million each year. This revealed that 30% of claims were fraudulent. Railways implemented AI to verify 20 details of claims in order to detect 80% of Scams. It was discovered that Railways receive 450,000 requests each year and that 80% of these were for repayments.

Latest on Train Strikes:

Railway employees felt they had been scammed by pay freezes that were applied multiple times throughout the year. As thousands of jobs are expected to be eliminated under the Train Rail Strikes Scand cover, the staff felt that they were being conned. Inflation had risen by 11.1%. RMT declared a strike on 21st, 23rd, and 25th June due to these factors. A severe disruption to service is expected on 22nd-24th, 26th, and 26th June 2022.


Rail Scams were perpetrated by commuters who aren’t professional scammers. The announcement by Railways that passengers who booked tickets for strike days would be refunded raised eyebrows. Employees feel they have been conned with low payments due to inflation, freezes in pay, and increased railway profits from increased journeys felt that they were being scammed.

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