The Best Technology Companies Founded in Spain

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The technology sector in Spain has experienced accelerated growth. This sector has acquired a relevant weight in the country’s economy in the last decade.

The global technological revolution began more than a decade ago. Since then, its growth has been recorded at double-digit rates, making technological innovation an element transforming the world economy.

In the first instance, the technology sector provided communication and sales channels between companies and consumers. Then it introduced digitization in the different productive sectors, which were incorporating innovation to accelerate their processes and thus achieve greater competitiveness. 

Ten years ago, the benchmark for technological projects was located in Spain. However, many new entrepreneurship ecosystems have been consolidated in other areas (the most prominent being Madrid and Valencia), with more than 10,000 technology companies throughout the country.

Spain’s largest tech companies have experienced a growing global presence. Because their technological capabilities and costs can compete with other powerful ecosystems such as California, they have attracted the attention of investors like Google. This fact has allowed acquisitions that facilitated the development of centers in Spain to work for these multinationals, such as the acquisition of Virus Total (Malaga) or Coordina (Barcelona).

Spain’s technology sector already enjoys a first-class reputation and offers excellent job opportunities. It is made up of large international companies of Spanish origin, which have already become the target of many professionals seeking to enhance their careers. In fact, many foreigners apply to be part of these companies, willing to travel and take a spanish course to grow professionally.

Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid have already experienced an increase of international students who decide to train in the language in order to develop professionally in this field. Many of them choose to take a spanish class Barcelona to speak Spanish fluently and to be able to grow professionally.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important technology companies in Spain.

Spanish technology companies with worldwide success

The following are some of the Spanish technology companies that are leading the way in the development of the digital era.

  • Asti Technologies

This is a company from Burgos, Spain, founded in 1982. Since then, its objective has been the study, design, and manufacture of automatic vehicles to improve internal transport and also the logistics of companies.

The company specializes in developing AGVs, which are automated guided vehicles. It also manufactures all kinds of robots designed to perform different tasks, from cars whose sole purpose is transporting objects to more advanced robots programmed for handling or sorting.

In 2008 the company managed to internationalize and reach 16 countries. It also created a foundation dedicated to training workers and promoting technology and science among young people.

  • Hispasec Systems

This company was founded in Malaga in 1998 and is considered one of the pioneering companies in cybersecurity in Spain. The company is a leader in banking anti-fraud services through its developments, such as MAIA. Hispasec provides assistance not only to Spain but also to Latin America, and also has a significant commitment to promoting the culture of cybersecurity, which is reflected through the newsletter “Una al Día”; a newsletter that has been created since the beginning of the company and that is still active; which talks about cybersecurity and is an excellent reference in the field. Not only that, but the company also offers training in the area.

Hispasec was responsible for placing Spain on the international map in the field of cybersecurity, thanks to the “Virus Total” program, a tool that is indispensable today to check if a web file is secure. Virus Total integrates information on all cyber threats worldwide through 61 detection engines and 55 antivirus programs.   

In fact, the tool proved so successful that Google acquired it in 2012, using Virus Total as the basis for founding Chronicle, Google’s current cybersecurity division, which maintains its epicenter in Spain.


This company was founded in Madrid in 2010 and is responsible for providing cost-effective and innovative high-speed optical networks in hostile areas, enabling gigabit fiber optic communication.

The technology offered by KDPOF enables 1 Gb/s POF links for industrial, automotive, and home networks. Its system works with large core optical fibers and optoelectronic devices. In this way, it can offer its customers low cost, low risk, and a short time to market.

The fiber optics created by this company are being used almost around half the world, not only by telecommunications operators but also by many other companies.

  • TRYO Aerospace and electronics

This Spanish company, located in Vizcaya and founded in 2011, specializes in microwave and RF technologies. TRYO is dedicated to designing and manufacturing customized and advanced equipment and systems for space, air traffic control, radio fusion, and other similar niches.

The company has indeed reached the top as it has developed cutting-edge technology that has been used in many space missions, more than 500. We are talking mainly about navigation systems, telecommunication satellites, and the cosmos exploration.

This was a giant leap for Spain since the leading runners in the space race were always the United States and the USSR (during the cold war) and Blue Origin and Space X. Therefore, this significant contribution made by the Spanish private sector is a considerable leap that positions the country significantly in technology.

We are talking about one of the main contractors in the international space field. Today’s technology is essential for exploring and navigating the cosmos and for telecommunications satellites to work. It is one of the regular suppliers of the most important projects of the ESA (European Space Agency). 

As you can see, the technology sector in Spain has developed abruptly in recent years. We have not been able to cover all the companies worth mentioning in a single article, but we have reviewed the most successful ones worldwide. There is still much more to come, and many companies in the pipeline will surely position themselves very high in the global market.

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