Statesville Golf Cart Accident :- Who was killed in the golf cart accident?

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Two people were killed and four others were seriously hurt in the collision of the golf cart head with the NC report .

Who was killed in the golf cart accident?

To the troopers, Winston Salem said. Michael Shane Marlowe (39 years old) and his 5-year-old son, the Bentley Marlowe, died in the accident. The crash also injured the other 4 golf cart passengers, aged 26, 13, 13 and 2, who were taken by helicopter to charlotte. Troopers also noted that they responded at 9:40 AM to Fort Dobbs Road near Dobbs Drive Statesville north under the golf cart accident Statesville NC

According to the troopers, the north of Statesville crossed over the centerline after crossing the Honda accord and struck the head of the golf cart in its opposite direction. According to the Jeffrey swagger trooper, the golf cart can be considered fun and recreational. However, it is subject to tragedy when it collides with another vehicle. We also look at the Honda driver, who was charged with impaired driving.

The Honda driver arrested

The Statesville Golf Cart accident analysis revealed that the Honda driver, who was named Austin Ray Harmon of Statesville at the age of 23, was not injured in the crash. He was later arrested and charged with impaired driving.

The vehicle was charged with the two counts under the felony death charge and three counts under the felony serious injury to the vehicle. Harmon was expected to appear before the court on Tuesday morning. The Statesville’s busy B & B auto mirror and auto glass shops were still quiet on Tuesday. We will now look at additional reports following the shock and grief caused by the car accident.

Statesville Golf Cart Accident

Mike Marlowe’s grief over the loss of his business owner is affecting his family members. J.R. white, a Marlowe friend, stated that the news of the accident is shocking. Marlowe is always there to help them when they need it.


This article will tell you about the Statesville car accident. Some people are killed, while others are seriously injured and flown to hospital by helicopter. Click here for more information .

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