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Do you love music and listen to Spotify often in the United Kingdom or the United States? Did you ever think about the genres that you like? Ever wonder what artists you like the most? Darren Huang developed an unofficial Spotify Unwrapped application for this purpose and also launched an online version at

Spotifypiechart com was created to take advantage of Darren Huang’s website popularity.


The popularity of the Spotify Unwrapped app and Darren Huang’s website gaining enormous popularity in recent days to make a Pie Chart showing music listeners’ tastes, has prompted users to be eager to see a visual representation of their favorite artists and genres.

Spotify Pie Chart was a big fan of the pictorial representation. Customers have a tendency to visit Darren Huang’s site to view their Pie Chart at least once. Spotify Pie Chart is therefore a popular search term. was created to take advantage of this. It registered keywords that would place the website at the top of search engines. is scam.’s legitimacy: has a horrible 1% Trust Score, 42.8% ranking in the business sector, and zero Alexa score. This shows that it’s not a legitimate site. Its ranking could improve as it is a day-old website. does not have a secure website because it only uses HTTP protocol. Its IP address is equipped with an SSL certificate that is valid for the next 88-days. However, all browsers cannot trust this SSL certificate. scored 40% in suspicion profile, 17% for malware, 8% for spam and 41% on threat profile. This indicates that the site is a security risk to users’ data and devices.

Features on was launched yesterday, 8th June 2022. It is currently registered for 1 year, ending on 8 June 2023. It has a very short life expectancy. does not contain any policy or terms of usage.

The website’s owners and contact information are censored. does not provide contact information or email address for customer service.

How does work? doesn’t display any Spotify data. It acts instead as a search engine that provides its options and criteria. lists three options:

  1. Market Data
  2. Report
  3. Servicetitan estimates.

These links will redirect users to sponsored websites and links. These links and websites closely match the default search options.

Conclusion: scored poorly on Trust Index, Business Ranking, and Alexa score. Its ranking could improve over time, however, as a website that is only a few days old. has specific keywords in its URL, to attract users unfamiliar with Darren Huang’s website. is a scam. The same is also evident in four reviews.

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