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Hip-hop was not the most well-known genre in music. The artists had to start from scratch and leave a lasting legacy. Legacy is not just about doing what you love. Jewellery is an important part in that show of success. Nothing is better than shining luster to display wealth. This is why we brought you this article about ” Most Expensive Necklaces Owned by Rappers.”

The chains of diamonds with millions of dollars symbolize the struggle rappers went through to achieve their success. Many hip-hop artists have boasted about their wealth and luxury. We will be able to see the real rich lords of hip-hop. They not only rule over their millions of fans, but also the game’s rich lords. This article is for you if you’re one of them. These rappers’ net worths will amaze you, even if their chains aren’t.

The luxury of expensive chains is more a tradition than a luxury. There is always a sense of rivalry among rappers . Which item is the most expensive? If you’re getting too curious, skip to the next section. Here’s a list of the most important jewelry pieces in hip hop.

The 10 Most Expensive Rapper Chains of 2022

Do you know Kayne’s Horus? Or T-Pain’s Big Ass Chain? Most of us have seen the flashy photos with huge pendants around their necks. Which one is the most costly chain or pendant?

Is it made of rose gold or diamonds? You will be surprised at the answers. Let’s learn everything you need to know about these massive chains and pendants.

10. Drake

Drake, the famous Canadian rapper, has made a huge fortune from his music career. Drake has a net worth of $180 million today. We can see the dazzling chain with an Owl pendant to get a glimpse at his success.

The owl-shaped masterpiece by Drake is made from 343 and 18 carats of rose gold. Its total cost, $120,000, places it in the tenth spot among rappers’ most expensive chains.

9. Cuban Chain | Jay Z | $200,000

Gold is the material used to make one of the most famous chains. The value and shimmer of gold cannot be duplicated, which brings us back to King Jay-Z. He wore a necklace that weighed 11 pounds, just like he does everything in his fashion. That’s heavy, bro!

Cuban chains are known for their classiness, regardless of how small they may be. Jay-Z is the owner of the 9th most expensive chain that rappers around the globe own. The cumbersome custom chain was designed by Rafaello & Company .

This statement piece was worn by Jay-Z in 2013. It was Jay-Z’s anniversary of So So Def. It could have been a simple chain that the rapper chose, but it wouldn’t have suited his king vibe.

8. Ratatouille Chain | Quavo | $250,000

Ahh! Ahh! Nothing! This Ratatouille pendant by Elliot Avianne was created for Quavo. This masterpiece was worn by him at the 2017 MET Gala. It is also mentioned in the lyrics to the song “Bad and Boujee”, which reads ” Call me Quavo Ratatouille.”

Quavo bought the Ratatouille Chain from for $250k. This makes it one of the most costly rapper chains. The entire jewelry piece is made of WS white diamonds and mini-Rolex & a QC Chain.

7. Kayne West

KayneWest is the richest rapper in the. His $1.8 billion net worth has seen him shake the music industry with his back to back shows. His most talked-about event, the DONDA, was also one of the most recent.

Kayne is a super-rich rapper and has massive gold chains. Kayne was seen in 2010 performing with a massive solid gold chain around his neck. It was a no-brainer. How can you miss the most expensive chains of all time? You can’t.

The Egyptian God of Sky, Sun, and Moon, Horus, inspired the humongous Horus necklace. This unique piece is made from pure 24k Gold and is valued at $300,000. Jacob & Co. designed the Horus pendant. We have never seen anything like it.

6. Big Ass Chain | T-Pain | $410,000

This is the BIG ASS CHAIN. This huge piece is owned by T-Pain, a rapper and owner of renowned record label. T.Pain is worth $10 million. It is one of the most costly chains rappers own.

The Big Ass chain contains 197 carats of diamonds . It is made using only white or yellow gold. It weighs in at over 10 lbs.

Did you know that T-Pain regretted buying the Big Ass Chain

You heard it right. The rapper recently revealed that he purchased the chain following a dare. He believes it was stupid. What do you think?

5. Crunk Ain’t Dead Chain | Lil Jon | $500,000

A chain with a Guinness World Record! !

That’s right. In 2007, the famous Crunk Chain was named the most important diamond pendant in the world. Lil Jon owns the chain, with a net worth $30 million.

The Crunk chain contains 3,750 diamonds and is made of white or yellow gold. The “Crunk ain’t dead” chain weighs in at 51 lbs.

It certainly deserves to be on the list for most expensive chains owned ever by rappers. Why? The Crunk chain is worth half of a million dollars. This is a huge deal, even for Richie Rich.

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4. Gucci Mane

Many people might not like these huge, heavy chains. These chains might be some of the most expensive in the world, but they lack elegance.

You should see the royalty of a costly chain from a distance. You’ll feel the same if you buy Gucci Mane’s Twin Panther Chain .

Although the Twin panther Chain’s value is half a million dollars, its beauty is unmatched. The chain was beautifully designed by Diamond Club Miami and features two panthers that are diamond-studded with three linked chains between their mouths. Wow!

It might surprise you to learn that the Twin Panther chain contains 4,600 diamonds that weigh 165 carats.

3. Sean Kingston

He was a rapper who had multiple hits albums before he was even an adult. Sean Kingston’s rapping career has brought him great success, as we can see by his Crayons Chain.

64 Crayons Chain is the most unique of all the expensive chains owned rappers. It contains 64 gold-encrusted crayons. Although it looks similar to a crayon box, it is half the price of a crayon box.

Sean Kingston was last seen with his crayon box chain in 2007. According to reports, his sister sent it to a NY jeweler. Resources indicate that she only insured the Crayons Chain for $500. This doesn’t make sense. It has been lost and is not visible to anyone.

2. Pharell Williams

Pharell Williams, a very well-known musician, came to the music business as part of a band. Pharell has a net worth in excess of $200 million. He has been a huge jewelry collector since 2007, when he was a member of the Neptunes.

Williams purchased the NERD Gold chain for one million dollars. The medallion has figures of Neptune band members. The medallion contains precious and diamond-colored stones. Although the exact number of diamonds in this medallion isn’t known, it is most likely the second-most expensive rapper chain.

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1. Rick Ross

Rappers are obsessed about themselves. This obsession has lead to the most expensive chain in history. By expensive, I mean 1.5 million dollars. I mean, 1.5 million dollars. Who would spend that much money on a chain of restaurants? Rick Ross is the answer. The rapper is the owner of the most expensive chain. You might be curious about the chain’s design.

Rick Ross’ portrait pendant is included on the chain. This chain was worn by Rick Ross in 2008. He didn’t stop there. Rick Ross was spotted wearing his self portrait pendant in 2010. It also included another pendant with a self-portrait. Rappers are notoriously self-centered. Rick Ross is sure to be proud of his $40 million net worth, regardless of what it may be.

Wrapping up

The Twin Panther Chain by Gucci Mane is my favourite out of all the “Most Expensive Chains Owned by Rappers”. It’s amazing! It was the panthers, white gold and diamonds that attracted my attention immediately. It’s not true that love is blind.

What about you? What is your favourite chain on this list? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. We would love to hear from your thoughts.

This article can be shared with friends who are also fans of hip-hop. Enjoy a wonderful day!

Frequently Asked Question

Rick Ross owns the most expensive chain in the world. It features a double pendant that Ross has attached to his self-portrait. It cost $1.5 million.

It is a symbol of their success and wealth. Hip-hop was not yet a popular profession so rappers had to leave a legacy. Chains and jewelry are a way to let everyone know that you have achieved your goals.

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