Mistakes You Should Avoid During Mobile App Marketing

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Smartphones are an irreplaceable part of the technology landscape. And when it comes to smartphones, you just cannot do without apps. With new apps getting launched every day on Google Store as well as the Apple Store, they make your everyday life easy and efficient. With new apps trying to build their customer base, the competition is fierce, hence, you should know how to market it properly using a well-thought-out strategy. Having a successful strategy helps you gain a competitive edge as well as retain and attract new users daily. 

Just a small mistake, and your app might as well rank at the end of the search page. Not having a well-planned marketing campaign only leads to a wastage of money, effort, and time. Hence, here are some of the mistakes every marketer should avoid during mobile app marketing. If possible, outsource mobile app marketing services to get professional help from experts who understand the market and can help you reach potential users within a short time span. 

Not Having A Well-Though Marketing Strategy

Having a user-friendly app interface is the first step towards winning the long battle of making it approachable to your user. When designing your app, it should be unique from all other apps that offer the same services so as to make it stand out among the users and make it discoverable. Optimize your app so that it reaches the targeted audience. Design a marketing strategy including both the pre and post-launch period of your app. You should immediately start advertising your app after developing it rather than doing it just a few weeks before launch. 

Companies that have existing websites could use that platform to promote their app and make use of their assets accordingly. Include your social media assets like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to market your new app. Focus on App Store Optimization using the app’s title, descriptive and short keywords, and screenshots. And lastly, make your customers happy by having a proactive approach to increase the positive reviews and rates of your app.

Not Researching Enough

When it comes to marketing, nothing is more important than research as well as having ample data. The key to successful app marketing is creating a strategy using this data and research and insight. Take note of similar apps that are already in the market and analyze what the user behavior is for that. It also helps you figure out who your target audience would be and what you should do that would help differentiate your app from the ones that are already there in the market. Stay at the top of the competitive curve using time-tested strategies.

The biggest problem when it comes to marketing and handling apps is retaining customers. With so many apps out there, users are always on the lookout for where they would find the most benefits at a low cost and is safe. Most customers would download an app but would stop using it after a few months and ultimately uninstall it. An investment in the marketing niche for any app is not a small amount, therefore, you first need to figure out what would potentially attract customers and help retain them. Go for engagement mechanisms that would remind the users that the app is there on their device. Offer discounts, rewards, and blogs that would only be available through the smartphone app. 

Understanding Your App’s Customer Base 

This, according to experts, would either break your app or make it. With your app being installed on your user’s smartphone and the smartphone being a constant companion of the user, it is the perfect opportunity for you to interact and listen to what your customers have to say. Acknowledge those issues, offer solutions and ensure they know their value to you. A two-way communication channel is a must-have in every app now, which helps consumers not just clear any doubts but also make them feel special. 

Customers will surely have doubts, issues, and suggestions when using a mobile app. For any business to succeed, you must pay attention to what your customers have to say. For a customer using an app with no room for customer support is a frustrating task that could potentially lead to losing them.

Not Customizing App According To The App Store Specifications

The major App Stores like Apple and Google are completely different from one another, and how an app would function under each App Store differs completely. Most designers and marketers customize apps that are used on multiple platforms without making them compatible for each platform separately. This could lead to an increased number of uninstallations as well as low engagement. Depending on the ASO rules, apps should be customized to match the criteria of different App Stores.

Work on app promotion includes not only keyword analysis, and optimization of texts and graphics, but also work with conversion. Therefore, ASO enhances the effect of contextual or targeted advertising and other marketing activities.

Therefore, whenever you are thinking of launching an app, keep the marketing strategy at the top so as to reach millions of users within a short time span. 

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