Judge Luttig J Michael What did J. Michael testify about in the statement?

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Are you aware about J. Michael Luttig’s statement? He’s a united states lawyer along with a former judge within the U . s . States. He testified about something that is headline news, and everybody is speaking about this.

Within this publish on Judge Luttig J Michael, we’ll discuss his recent statement and why it is the talk from the town. Kindly look at this publish to understand much more about it.

What did J. Michael testify about in the statement?

A United States lawyer and former US Appellate court judge testify prior to the analysis in to the sixth The month of january storm around the US capital in the us government office. He emphasized Trump’s publish-election effort because the fight against democracy, claiming former V . P . Mike Pence was without any authorized power to aid in stopping the Congress government from making certain the 2020 elections, that could have brought to some constitutional crisis.

Judge J Michael Luttig Statement

He testified concerning the pressure on Pence to overturn the election result once the vice president’s team attempted seeking J. Michael Luttig for take on the legal issues of challenging the election count.

In 1991, President George H.W. Plant hired Luttig towards the U . s . States Appellate court. He labored there until he upon the market in the year 2006. Also, he offered under multiple presidents within the white-colored house and also the justice department.

He’s a broadly respected judge, which after being nominated for that bench, he sent many clerks towards the Top Court. Now, he’s former Judge Luttig J Michael, and that he had advised Mike Pence to reject former clerk John Eastman’s advice to overturn the election result.

Democracy reaches risk.

He mentioned that America reaches war, avoid an overseas power, however with itself. Its individuals are at war with each other. It anxiously requires a peaceful resolution, and just the fight for America’s cultural soul and heart could take it to some peaceful conclusion. However, when the war for American democracy isn’t won, world war 2 of democracy will finish peacefully.

The previous president and the political party instigated this war. Judge Luttig J Michael also mentioned the Former President’s well-performed intend to overturn the election result to ensure that he can keep the ability that Americans had conferred on him however the next president, just announced his victory despite the fact that he understood he’d lost and then despite knowing the reality regarding the outcomes, both of them go about overturning the election.


To summarise this publish, we informed our readers concerning the statement of the former US Judge and the testimony concerning the pressure on Mike Pence to overturn the election result. Take a look connect to learn more about J. Michael Luttig.

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