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Instagram is a social network that has tons of photos and videos, with millions of likes. Have you ever wondered what is the most popular post on Instagram while using Instagram? You’re in the right place if you are. We did the research and compiled the list of Instagram’s Most Popular Posts 2022.

Instagram is widely used around the world with Stories and Posts all in one location. The most popular posts on Instagram have been the subject of much hype. This topic has been the subject of numerous headlines and breaking news. Do you remember the world record egg. I pleaded guilty to sharing the same post. Do you? Are you curious about other posts that made it onto the top Instagram post lists? They are among the most popular posts on Instagram.

The top ten most popular Instagram posts are those of famous celebrities like Ronaldo and too much Billie Eilish. However, none of them are the top-ranked. Surprisingly, they are all left behind to be the most popular post on Instagram by an eggs. An egg with 55.8 million likes.

This post has been voted the most liked on Instagram and also received a lot of comments. What is the purpose of this post? And who is the second? Then, there’s the third. And, twentieth? The best part? I was able to discover the most popular posts on Instagram after using it for almost a day. Continue reading to learn about the 20 most popular Instagram posts.

21 Most Popular Posts on Instagram

Celebrities have millions of Instagram followers. Instagram is an unpredictable place and no one can predict which posts will be the most popular.

These are the top Instagram posts. Check out the list to see if any of these posts are your favorites. If you answered yes, these posts were likely to be in your category. Kudos to you!

S. No.Most Popular Posts on InstagramLoves
1.An egg55.8 Million
2.Ariana’s wedding26.6 Million
3.XXXTentacion’s last Instagram Post28.9 million
4.Revealing Billie’s Blonde Hair22.9 Million
5.After signing with PSG22.0 Million
6.Billie Eilish Vogue Shoot21.98 million
7.Copa America trophy photo21.95 million
8.Messi’s departure Barcelona21.19 million
9.Zendaya Says Happy Birthday to Tom20.3 Million
10.Ronald Remembering Diego Maradona19.72 Million
11.Chadwick Boseman’s death announced19.3 Million
12.Ariana’s Wedding Photo18.54Million
13.Blonde hair is a slaying!18.44 Million
14.Ariana and Dalton Gomez’s Wedding kiss17.9 Million
15.Cover photo taken by British Vogue16.9 Million
16.British Vogue shoot16.7 Million
17.Jennifer’s Photo with Friends stars16.5 Million
18.Messi’s memory of Diego Maradona16.29 Million
19.Billie’s photo hinting at a new project16.12 Million
20Announcement of Ariana’s engagement15.64 Million
21.Billie’s photo from British Vogue shoot15.8 Million

1. An egg (55.8 million likes)

It is absurd, even though it may sound ridiculous. An Egg is the most popular Instagram post. An egg picture is more popular than Kylie Jenner’s record!

People say that the intention to do something is very important. The world record egg account was created with the intention of making it one of Instagram’s most popular posts. The world did it! This post was a huge hit with users and became one of the most popular posts on Instagram. Kylie Jenner responded to even the famous egg!

Post Date: January 4, 2019,

Total number of likes: 55.8 million

2. XXXTentacion’s Last Instagram Post (28.9 Million Likes)

You will be broken by the next post!

There is no way to make up for the loss of a great spirit!

If the death is accidental, we can only regret not being able to see the loved one we care about most in his final hours.

American singer, songwriter, musician and rapper, XXXTentacion, died tragically.

The last post of rapper XXXTentacion occurred before his death. This is his only profile post, which is quite astonishing.

A very odd thing about the rapper was that a music clip was released in which he was at his own funeral. The caption “Love is War” keeps the artist in our hearts for ever.

Post Date: May 20, 2018,

Total number of likes: 28.9 million

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3. Ariana’s Wedding (26.6 million Likes)

Take Now to be the most adorable singer!


Ariana must have had you all dancing to the songs. She is an incredible singer. But, this time, she isn’t on the top of Instagram because of her viral photos of weddings that are driving her fans crazy.

Post Date: May 26, 2021

Total number of likes: 26.6 million

4. Billie Eilish Reveals Her Blonde Hair (22.9 Million Likes)

Billie Eilish broke all records by posting a photo showing her blonde hair. The singer has been busy for a while with new projects. She is also very active on social media. Fans are flooding her posts with comments and likes.

Disclaimer: You will see a lot more Billie Eilish in this area.

Post Date: March 17, 2020

Total number of likes: 22.9 million

5. First Post Of Messi After Signing PSG (22 Million Likes)

Messi is the name that comes to mind whenever it comes to football. Messi, a remarkable player, has made history for Barcelona over the years. He has now moved to PSG. He recently used his Instagram account to showcase his New Jersey trainings and check up sessions. Fans couldn’t resist his new beginning. This post was 22 million views and one of their most popular on Instagram.

post date: Aug 2021

Total Likes: 22 million

6. Billie Eilish Photograph from British Vogue Shoot (21.98 million Likes)

Billie Eilish is next on the list for the most popular Instagram post. This is one her British Vogue Shoot photos. This is one of her Vogue Shoot photos that she has posted a lot.

It has only been a matter of days since she uploaded the photos. There’s a chance she could go higher up the list.

Post Date: May 2, 20,21

Total number of likes: 21.98 million

7. Copa America Trophy Photo (21.95 million Likes)

Messi is not one to be surprised in this list.

For ages, he has been the king of the fan’s hearts. His kind heart and skillful playing have made him a favorite of many.

He posted an Instagram picture with the huge trophy he won, and recently took another. This victory earned him 19.5 million likes

Post Date: July 11, 20,21

Total number of likes: 21.95 million

8. Press Conference Post Messi’s Departure from Barcelona (21.19 million Likes)

Messi’s fans love that he is starting a new path in his football career. But they can’t accept the fact that he has left Barcelona.

Barcelone is impossible to imagine without Messi.

Oh! It seems absurd. But, it’s true.

After deciding to leave Barcelona, he uploaded a photo from his press conference. He also shared a photo of all the awards and trophies he received during this period.

It was a very emotional moment.

Post Date: August 9, 2021

Total number of likes: 21.19 million

9. Tom Holland Wishes Zendaya a Happy Birthday (20.3 Million Likes).

The coolest couple in Hollywood are Tom, the’spoiler prince’ and Zendaya, the ‘Euphoria girl Zendaya. They were involved in rumors since 2016, and confirmed it five years later.

Tom shared a photo with Zendaya on her birthday and wrote something that went viral. He wrote, “My MJ, have the happiest birthday. Give me a call when you’re up.

This post was a hit on Instagram thanks to social media. Crazy part is Zendaya replied to the post with “Calling now” in the comments. Her comment was voted the most liked on Instagram by many. You can see that this couple has a lot of fans.

Post date: September, 2021

Total Likes: 20.3 million

10. Ronaldo Says Goodbye To Diego (19.72 Million Likes)

Cristiano Ronaldo, most beloved football player must be the author of one post. This is not the only post. This post is dedicated Maradon Diego. Another post filled with tears, this time in the top Instagram post.

Post Date: November 25, 2020

Total number of likes: 19.72 million

11. Chadwick Boseman’s family announces his death (19.3 million likes)

Chadwick Boseman, 43 years old, died from stage IV cancer. His family posted the news of his death on his Instagram account. This was the most horrible news we have ever heard.

His followers liked the post to show their respect and to express their regret for trolling him about his extreme weight loss prior to his death from cancer. This is the best Instagram post.

Last Date: August 29, 2020

Total number of likes: 19.3 Million

12. Ariana’s Wedding Photograph (18.54 million Likes)

Ariana’s wedding photo. Why not?

These photos are making new announcements about Ariana’s future. These photos are well worth liking. This post will focus on her look, makeup, and hairstyle. It’s her slim figure that makes this dress so valuable.

Post Date: May 26, 2021

Total number of likes: 18.54 million

13. Billie Again Slaying Her Blonde Hair (18.44 Million Likes)

Oh!!! MY!!! GOSH!! !

This girl is hot! Boom!

This post is not revealing any skin or wearing fancy clothes. Yet, it has been voted the most liked on Instagram. Look at her expressions. There are no words. Her hair is simply stunning, by the way. You are all bLonde!

Post Date: March 21, 2020

Likes 18.44 Million

14. Ariana’s Wedding Kiss with Dalton Gomez (17.9 million Likes)

Again! It’s the third time that this name has been added to the list.

It was a great wedding!

How could her wedding be complete if she didn’t give the official kiss? There is a mandatory kiss and there must be a post. Now, it’s official. Both in real life as well as on Instagram.

Post Date: May 26, 2021

Likes 17.9 Million

15. Cover Photo Of Billie Eilish Vogue Shoot Part 2 (16.9 Million Likes)

Ou! la! la!

Take a look at Billie. Her latest Vogue photoshoot will have people running for cover. Her curves are perfectly complimented by her hot body. You would never have imagined Billie looking so beautiful. She is certainly beautiful in both her looks and her thoughts.

Post Date: May 2, 20,21

Likes 16.9 Million

16. Photo Of Billie Eilish Vogue Shoot Part 2 (16.7 Million Likes)


It must be her fifth appearance on the list. She deserves all of this fame!

This time it’s her photoshoot in black. The sheer black net dress she is wearing makes her look just as elegant as Victoria’s Secret models. They are even better.

Damn! She could be an amazing model!

Post Date: May 2, 20,21

Likes 16.7 Million

17. Jennifer Aniston with F.R.I.N.D.S Stars (16.5 Million Likes).

Next up on our list of most liked Instagram posts is everyone’s favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Fans were able to mourn Jennifer Aniston’s death by a reunion of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, after so many years.

People are still swooning over F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ star cast after the reunion. Jennifer not only landed a spot on the Instagram list of most liked posts, but she also became the fastest person to reach 1 million followers. This was all in five hours and sixteen minutes. This is amazing! This is Rachel’s true Rachel sass!

Date of publication: October 15, 2019,

Total number of likes: 16.5 million

18. Messi Bids Farewell To Maradona (16.29 Million Likes)

Maradona is another football player who has said goodbye. First Ronaldo, now Messi. Both of them have millions of followers. These aren’t names to be taken seriously!

November 25, 2020, Post Date

Total number of likes: 16.29 million

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19. Billie Eilish Hinting A New Project (16.12 Million Likes)

Wait! It’s not the right time!

This is how it could be possible.

We don’t know if Billie knows the secrets behind why she is ranked 16th on Instagram’s most popular posts. This post is about Billie’s amazing style and blonde hair.

Post Date: April 19, 2021

Likes: 16.12 millionO

20. Ariana Grande gets engaged (15.64 million likes)

How did we manage to make Ariana’s happy photo the most popular Instagram post? This may be the most happy news and posts in the midst of the dark and scary 2020.

Post Date: December 20, 2020

Total number of likes: 15.64 million

21. Billie Eilish Vogue Shoot Part 4 (15.5 Million Likes)

This is the 7th time it has been done! Oh! Just look at those glossy legs! There’s nothing more to be said!

Post Date: May 2, 20,21

Likes: 15.5 million

How to See Likes on Instagram?

Instagram is changing how it functions and what its policy on showing likes is. Instagram will soon stop showing likes on posts. Before the updates, Instagram liked were displayed as ” Name the person who liked the post with a certain number of other“.

Now, the likes will appear as ” Name the person who liked the post among others“. The number of likes for any post will not be updated.

Wrapping up

These are the 23 most liked Instagram posts.

The data clearly shows that there is a significant difference between the first and second (almost double). The rest maintained a balance. We want to know which of these posts is your favorite and what you think about the list. Your feedback is very important to us.

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