How to Throw a Neon Party at Home? 

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All love parties, but neon parties are something unique and attractive. Light is out in the black light party and glows parties, but it does not mean these parties are dark. You can use candles, glow sticks, illuminating lights, and paints at these parties. These are some neon party supplies that you can use to throw a neon party at home. 

You can add glowing drinks, clothes, and decorations at neon parties. You might be interested in knowing some neon party ideas. The best you can do is to give a read to the below points mentioned. These points are enough to make you throw a neon party at home. So let us get started.  

The right use of black light 

Black lights are an important part of neon parties. Black lights are important to enhance the glow in the parties, and they are important for black light parties. The best you need to do is to choose the right black bulbs. Some black lights are the purple versions of ordinary light bulbs. It would help if you did not use such bulbs. All you need to arrange is the perfect black light to create an appropriate party atmosphere.  

Use the right glow sticks

Glow sticks are also an important part of neon parties. Glow sticks appear so good in black light. You will need lots and lots of glow sticks at neon parties. These sticks look so good. The best you can do is to buy glowing sticks in bulk.  

  1. Glowing sticks can make a glow stick lanterns. 
  2. You can hand these glow sticks from the ceiling, 
  3. Bracelet-length glow sticks can be used to mark drink glasses.  
  4. Glow sticks are sealed. Thus, they can be frozen. 
  5. You can put glow sticks in swimming pools. 
  6. The most interesting thing is that you can wear glow sticks.  

Glowing drinks look so attractive 

Refreshments are part of the parties. What about glowing refreshment drinks? For this purpose, you can use the dishes and glasses that glow in black light. You can purchase fluorescent plates, flatware, and glasses online as well as in local shops. This is how you can serve glowing drinks to the people invited to your party. 

Glowing makeup and body paint 

Using fluorescent makeup and body paint is one of the most interesting ways by which you can add uniqueness to your neon party. Different body paints and makeup glow in black light. Petroleum jelly can give a blue glow. You can also use glowing nail paints. This is how you can add beauty and fun to your neon party. Fluorescent highlighters can add fun to parties. So do not forget to purchase fluorescent highlighters. This is one of the most interesting things you can do to throw a neon party at your place.  

These are some of the most interesting things that you need to consider. These points are effective as they can help you throw a neon party at home. All you need to bring is extra exciting things and neon party supplies to bring uniqueness and fun to your party.  

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