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Dbd Anniversary Masks :- Start of this event

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This Dbd anniversary masks post will inform our readers about the event that took place at Dead by Daylight’s Anniversary.

Are you familiar with Dead By Daylight? Are you aware of the date when it will celebrate its anniversary? What are the amazing rewards? There are many questions that may pop up in your head, but here is the answer. Dead By Daylight is a popular trend in Canada and the United States. This is due to the anniversary event. This Dbd anniversary masks post will provide information about the event’s beginning and the prizes and masks that are available.

Please read the following article to find out more.

Information on Masks by DBD

Dbd released some details about the masks at the anniversary event. According to reports, Twisted Masquerade masks were revealed at this event. On the other side, other characters, gifts and items were leaked during this event. This event has many challenges and tasks. It is sure to be an exciting event for everyone.

Dbd Anniversary Masks

Twisted Masquerade Mask, as we’ve already mentioned, was leaked at this event. Other features were also revealed at the event, including:

  • Event’s Tome
  • Twisted Masquerade’s Theme
  • Bloodhunt/rewards/discounts
  • Masks and outfits for the event

These are just a few of the exciting features of this anniversary. Other characters have also been launched. These characters are:

These characters are not the only amazing things in this event. These items could include:

All fans will find this event exciting and challenging. We’ve discussed the details of Dbd 6TH anniversary masks. We will also discuss when and if this event has started. Keep checking back for all the latest information.

Start of this event

Dead By Daylight’s anniversary celebration has already begun on June 16, 2022. The event started at 18:30 BST, 8:30 PT and 11:15 ET. Those who were informed about the times might have benefited from this event. This event has many challenges both for individuals and for the community. For more exciting challenges, keep checking their official website.

Community Challenges

Dbd anniversary masks mentions some community challenges:

  • Chasing survivors, and becoming the victim of murderers. Chase for 1,100,000.
  • Generator exceeding 10,000,000 times and success in skill checks
  • 1.400,000 survivors can be disconnected or hooked up

Final Summary

We have summarized all details about this event in this post. You will also learn about Dead By Daylight’s anniversary event. This event is filled with amazing rewards and gifts. You will find many exciting rewards and gifts at this event .

What do you think about Dbd anniversary masks? We would love to hear your opinions and thoughts about this event. Let us know if your participation in the challenges has been positive or negative.

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