Body Beauty Bar Orlando Fl :- Bodi beauty bar orlando Racist Remarks:

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You can find complete information about Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL that is not available elsewhere. It was originally confused with Elizabeth Knighton’s business.

The United States shared this recent incident of racism extensively on social media. The Yelp post generated a lot of buzz. People started writing negative reviews of Bodi Beauty Bar after the post went viral. Within a matter of hours, the business rating was reduced to 1/5 stars from 91 reviews.

Did you know that @FOX13News and @abcactionnews brought the video of racist remarks to Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL. Let’s take a look at the incident.

The incident:

Bodi Beauty Bar is owned by Elizabeth Knighton. She recently used profanity to attack staff at King Cajun Restaurant. King Cajun Restaurant has received 4.6/5-stars Google ratings! King Cajun is an American chinese restaurant, located at 924 North Mills Avenue in OR, FL-32803 USA.

Elizabeth ordered King Cajun shrimps for dinner. She felt the shrimp was overcooked and spoiled when she was served. The King Cajun staff was able to resolve her complaint. The staff examined the shrimp and determined that it was perfectly cooked. They informed her that the shrimp was fine.

Bodi beauty bar orlando Racist Remarks:

Elizabeth became angry and stormed the counter. Elizabeth went up to the counter to pay her bill and order take-out. However, she used profanity to attack the staff from China. Elizabeth was still greeted by the team, who thanked her for being a customer.

Yelp’s administrative team was impressed by the feedback, ratings and reviews. Henceforth, the Yelp team blocked user posts and reviews on the Bodi Beauty Bar page (https://www.yelp.com/biz/bodi-beauty-bar-orlando-2). Yelp included a statement that they don’t support racism and are currently investigating reviews and posts.

About Beauty Bar

The Bodi Beauty Bar Llc can be found at 1420 Lake Baldwin Lane in OR, FL-32814. They offer services like Medical Spas, Saunas and skincare. More than 100 negative comments were posted on the Bodi Beauty bar pages after the incident. Yelp did not recommend 28 comments as they asked for people to not support Bodi Beauty Bar.

Seven comments made on the Bodi Beauty bar page were removed because they violated Yelp community policies. Users on other posts also commented that Elizabeth shouldn’t behave like this and it was too late to apologize. This information is taken directly from the social media post. We are not supporting or blaming anyone.

Customer Reviews on Beauty Bar :

Many users suggested that Elizabeth’s Spa services could be dangerous to Asian clients if she feels this way. Her business deals with chemicals, machinery, and other such things. Elizabeth should be able to avoid such machinery and chemicals. Elizabeth should also be aware that these products are made in Asian countries.


Tweet and Yelp users expressed their support for King Cajun, commenting on the tight community and bonds in FL and that there are no places for racial games. Another company, Body Beauty Bar Orlando FL, has been hurt by the bad reputation earned by Bodi Beauty Bar. Do not confuse the two businesses.

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