bad things about blue eyes 11 Amazing Facts about Blue Eyes You Must Know

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Thomas Shelby’s blue eyes were a magnet for you. It sure did, and it’s why you should learn all there is to know about those amazing eyes. You are one of only 8% people in the world who have blue eyes. We have a lot more information about blue eyes than that. Relax and be amazed.

A Spanish hunter was the first person to have blue eyes. We see beautiful shades of blue around us because of him . Blue eyes became so common that many people would go to surgery to get them. Are you one of these people?

Blue eyes are unique because all of the people who have them have a common ancestor. It’s amazing! There are many other facts about blue eye that you may not have heard. You can’t forget the one about alcohol!

We are now more familiar with the topics. You can skip to the next section to learn all about blue eyes that you didn’t know.

11 Amazing Facts about Blue Eyes You Must Know

These facts are not only entertaining to read, but they also provide a lot science-based proof you didn’t know before. If you are a blue-eyed, magic-filled person, you can share this article.

True to my word, if I could turn my brown eyes blue, it would be. Although I don’t like the idea of getting the perfect look, I prefer to stay with my natural brown color for the rest of my life. What about you? Are you feeling the same? Or would you prefer to see a surgeon to change the color of your eyes?

Before you undergo surgery, make sure you know everything you need to know about blue eyes.

1. Blue Eyes are Blue!

Although it sounds poetic, your eyes are blue just like the sky and seas. It sounds like magic! But Rayleigh Scattering is a natural phenomenon that makes it possible.

Your blue eyes appear because your iris has a colorless colorless stroma. This scatters light and creates the same color as the sky.

2. Bad Things About Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes are also known for their personalities. It should be more than just a personality. These people are more likely to become alcoholics. It’s true, and it has been proven. Are you still skeptical? Continue reading!

The American Journal of Medical Genetics has shown that European Americans who have blue eyes are 83% more likely to become dependent on alcohol than those with darker eyes.

This research also concludes that alcoholism can be linked to genetic sequences. This means that the genetic component of blue-eyed people is tied to genetic sequences that determine their eye color. The exact cause of the’negative things about blue eyes is not yet known.

3. It is impossible to know the colour of your babies’ eyes.

In the past, many believed that only blue-eyed parents could have children with the same color eyes. It is completely false. It is not true. There are 16 genes that determine the color of an individual’s eyes. This cannot be assumed before birth.

Even if your baby doesn’t have blue eyes yet, it is possible to still see magic in the eyes of your child. Did you know that blue eyes are so fascinating?

4. Bad Things About Blue Eyes

People believed that only blue-eyed women could give birth to a baby blue-eyed, as stated in the previous point. It was a toxic belief that women with dark eyes would give birth to babies with blue eyes. This is one of the many negative aspects of blue eyes that we want to get back.

Imagine how many women could have been labelled a ‘Cheater’ for having their own babies. We are now able to learn all the scientific facts about Blue Eyes thanks to modern science.

5. Bad Things About Blue Eyes

This is the next scientific fact about Blue Eyes. The amazing-looking eyes contain less Melanin. This pigment protects the eyes from harmful rays.

The color of our eyes is determined by the amount of melanin in our iris. The darker your eyes will appear, the more melanin you have. The lighter your eyes will appear, the less melanin you have.

6. Blue eyes are less than 10% of the population

World Atlas shows that less than 10% of the world’s population has blue eyes. Blue Eyes were a rare sight that I discovered when I was researching strange facts about them.

Blue eyes are found in 8-10% of the world’s nearly 8 billion people. This means that only 640,000,000 people have blue eyes. I would love to be one of these Blue Eyes.

You can also read 17 interesting facts about grey eyes, as well as common beliefs.

Did you know that everyone on Earth has brown eyes? It’s because of a European human who lived 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. His gene was mutilated and all we want to see is Blue Eyes.

This is a list of facts about Blue Eyes, which was researched by an amazing team from the University of Copenhagen. This fact can only be fully understood if you are familiar with Genetic Mutation.

What is Genetic Mutation (GM)? defines mutations as changes in the genetic sequence that cause diversity among living things. Genetic Mutations are almost always heritable. This is why people with blue eyes have a common ancestor.

8. Blue eyes can change the color of babies’ eyes

Next is a section on Babies. Your baby may have Blue Eyes when it is born, but that doesn’t mean it will always have them. It takes time for melanin to be deposited in babies, which can cause a change to the color of their eyes.

A related Blue eye fact states that the majority of Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes. After a while, the color changes to Hazel or Green.

9. You can see the blue in your eyes from minerals and light

We have already mentioned how light scatters through the eyes, giving it a blue hue. What’s the best part? You can’t just rely on it to determine your eye color. Many minerals and proteins also play a role in your eyes’ color.

The scattering takes place first, then the minerals, proteins and melanin decide how much light will be reflected from the eyes. Many scientists have confirmed and verified these facts about Blue Eyes over the years. You can rest assured.

10. Blue Eyes Are Better at Night Vision

While the lack of Melanin is certain to make Blue eyes more sensitive to light, it also offers another benefit. Because there is less melanin, more light can reach your eyes. This means that people with blue eyes can see better at night, when the light is dimmed.

Blue eyes will see better than those with black/brown eyes. This one is easy to boast about. Check out the facts about Blue Eyes. If you don’t know a lot about the magic that is your eyes, what’s the point?

11. Bad Things About Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are more than just protected from the UV rays. They can also be susceptible to other issues. The lack of Melanin is one thing that unites all these “bad things” about blue eyes. It makes your eyes look sexier and more attractive than the rest of us. But it also makes them vulnerable.

Many studies have shown that this is the case.

  1. Higher risk of developing ocular uveal cancer, an eye disease that affects light eye colors.
  2. People with blue eyes should be more cautious about sunlight exposure.
  3. Cataracts are less likely to occur in lighter iris colors.

Wrapping up

This last point could be just a perk for having Blue eyes, among all the other zillion perks that you guys have. I am almost jealous. I hope you enjoyed this article on Facts about Blue Eyes. We would love to hear from anyone who left a comment.

Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Question

Blue eyes are associated with eternal youth, and they are highly desirable and attractive.

Blue eyes were discovered by a Spanish man almost 7000 years ago. This gene has been passed down through all generations. He is the one who gave birth to all of those with blue eyes.

The origins of blue eyes are believed to have been from modern-day Spain, 7000 years ago.

Blue eyes have many negative aspects that the majority of people don’t know about. Blue eyes have low levels of melanin, making them more susceptible to the sun. Their likelihood of becoming an alcoholic is high. Their risk of developing ocular uveal cancer, which is an eye tumor, is high.

A stone-age Spanish man was the first to have ever seen blue eyes. He was a hunter and stood at 5ft 7in tall. His skin was dark and his eyes were blue. Every person with blue eyes on the planet shares a common ancestry to the Stone age man, his family and others.

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