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All Minecraft owners: The Nintendo Switch addition will receive the latest version of Sandbox Game Minecraft. To download the latest version of Minecraft, you will need to follow the prompts in the game or simply go to the Nintendo eShop. This guide will help you connect your Microsoft Account with your Nintendo Switch via the hyperlink.

Online subscription fees are determined by the platform you use. For example, if you have an Xbox Live gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, they would not be required for Nintendo Switch players. For multiplayer gaming, and to connect to the Link to Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will be required.

In case you didn’t know, the hyperlink is optional and not necessary to play Minecraft on a Switch. This account is completely free and can be used on any device.

Connecting Microsoft Account to Nintendo Switch

If you decide to use the link for Nintendo Switch, it will allow all Minecraft players to play together. Even non-Nintendo devices like iOS and Android can play with the Windows 10 (through cross-play, Realms or Servers).

It is important to note that all mine coins can be transferred automatically if you have an login. You can even buy mine coins in the marketplace. They will be transferred to different platforms and devices.

If you wish to create a new Microsoft account, you have to go to the link.

5 Easy and Simple Ways

Sign in to the Nintendo Switch

1. You will need to sign in with a Microsoft account before you can access the Minecraft home screen.

2. You would then be presented with an additional screen. This screen would give you a unique eight-digit code. It would also instruct you to go RemoteConnect Page

3. You can now complete your signing by entering the eight-digit code.

How to Find Your Friends On Their Link Accounts

1. Register using your URL and select to play from the home screen.

2. Go to the Friends Tab.

3. You can then select friend .

4. You can also find friends by simply entering your tag.

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Linking Your Account to Nintendo Account

1. After creating an account, click system settings in the homepage menu.

2. Scroll down to highlight.

3. Select the right user account to access your profile settings.

4. Select Link Nintendo Account.

5. To create a new Nintendo account, tap on Create an Account.

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Wrapping up

We hope you found our guide on connecting Account with the Nintendo Switch helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.

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