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What Is The SSF Full Form? Special Security Force

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The Special Security Force is a covert military organization in the United States and worldwide. This article goes in-depth about what it means to be part of this organization, which these organizations are for, and what you can expect from them if you join.

What is the full form of SSF?

The Special Security Force (SSF) is an elite counter-terrorism unit of the Indian Police Service. It is the full form of SSF and was Established in 1984, SSF is tasked with providing round-the-clock security to high-value targets and important government installations in India.

Responsibilities and Duties of SSF

  • The Special Security Force (SSF) is a paramilitary force responsible for securing important government installations and VIPs in India.
  • The SSF is also tasked with providing crowd control and counter-terrorism operations. The force is divided into three battalions—the Bengal, Assam, and Kashmir Battalions. Each battalion comprises around 1,000 personnel.
  • The SSF was constituted on 14 April 1987 as an elite force for providing security to the Prime Minister, Defence Minister, President and Governors.
  • It is also responsible for protecting national assets and maintaining law and order in sensitive locations. The force comprises special power-assisted weapons (handguns) and patrol vehicles such as bullet-proof jeeps and armored personnel carriers.
  • It is equipped with sophisticated surveillance radar systems to detect movement at short distances from its posts. On 3 September 2007, the government approved the formation of an additional battalion for Assam. However, this battalion has not been raised yet.

What is the work of SSF in India?

SSF is India’s elite special security force responsible for safeguarding the nation’s critical assets and installations. It also conducts counter-terrorism operations.

The SSF was established in 1987 due to the assassination of then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. It comprises around 10,000 personnel who are recruited from the ranks of the Indian Police Service.

What Is SSF Full Form In SSC GD?

Secretariat Security Force(SSF). Role of SSF: SSF is basically for providing security cover to the secretariat buildings.

The Special Security Force is a particular branch of the Indian Police Service. It was established in 1984 to provide specialized security for high-profile individuals and events. The force has a strength of 5,000 officers.

SSF Full Form Salary

The salary of an SSF officer varies depending on his experience and rank. However, the average salary for an SSF officer is around Rs 2.5 lakh per year. In addition, officers receive allowances for housing, travel, and medical expenses.

Who is the chief of SSF?

The Special Security Force (SSF) is a special operations unit of the Indian Army. The SSF was officially formed on 1 October 1987 and is headquartered at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. The incumbent Chief of SSF is Lt General Rakesh Kumar.

What is SSF Full Form in Hindi?

SSf ka full from in Hindi is विशेष सुरक्षा बल. The Special Security Force (SSF) is a specialized unit of the Indian Police Service, established in 1987. It is mandated to provide physical security to high-risk and essential government officials, assets and events. The SSF is also responsible for counter-terrorism operations.

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