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Women are emerging on all platforms to bridge the gender gap. Talk about Twitch and you will see that women are also entering the space. I will provide you with the top female Twitch streamers. Continue reading to learn more.

We all enjoy playing games online to show off our gaming skills. You can easily relate the word “men” to the game word once it is spoken. Why should boys have all of the fun? It is important to recognize the creativity of women in the gaming industry.

We won’t keep you waiting. You can simply be updated with new information, and after you’ve finished reading this article you will be linking “women” to see gender equality in your favorite gaming platform.

Top 10 Female Twitch Channelers

Twitch allows you to stream live video games, esports events, streaming music, and many other content.

Twitch offers many opportunities to make money. You can stream games and interact with other players.

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Let’s get to the main topic. Here, I will give you the top 10 female Twitch streamers. Their niche community is what has allowed them to reach the top of the Twitch streamers list, even though you won’t see their huge following or subscribers. Below is a list of their followers and subscribers.


Imane Anys is well-known for her League of Legends and Fortnite streams. In 2012, she began showcasing her gaming passion.

She has 7.4 million followers and 3.4 million subscribers. Her large number of followers has helped her reach a top list of female Twitch streamers. She also uses YouTube to host a channel called “POKIMANE ASMR”.

Her amazing work in video content and gaming earned her nomination for the 2018 Content Creator of Year award.


While you’ve seen many streamers on Twitch who have amazing gaming skills and are a great source of entertainment, LOSERFRUIT is her channel that showcases her unique content which overflows the Twitch platform. She has approximately 2.5 million followers.

She enjoys playing Overwatch and Witcher 3 streams, and she has lots of vlog content. Her amazing talent is her ability to edit streams while broadcasting. Her unique content is what makes her stand out among top Twitch streamers.

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She is a well-known YouTuber and Twitch personality. Her League of Legends broadcasts are what made her famous. Her video content is rich in Korean and Japanese culture, making it unique.

She is passionate about games, and her Twitch channel boasts around 734,000 subscribers. She is a good communicator and enjoys playing anime playlists on Twitch. She has approximately 2.4 million followers.


She is a well-known esports player, best known for her streaming multiplayer shooting games. Her talents were showcased in games such as Summer skirmish or Keemstar’s Friday Fortnight. She currently has over 400,000 subscribers.

She is one of the most popular Twitch streamers. She has approximately 1.9 million followers. She is an active member in the DooM Clan, BushBandits and was the first player on TSM. Her exceptional gaming skills engaged her audience.


She is also a well-known Swedish Twitch player and has approximately 953,000 subscribers. She is still a rookie player, having joined in 2017. She enjoys shooting various games, including Counter-Strike strike and Witcher 3. Sea of thieves and Fortnite.

To show her Twitch Super Favorites moments, she also runs a YouTube channel. This helps keep her fans connected across all platforms. She is a Loeyalist with around 1.4 Million followers.

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She is also a top female streamer on Twitch and is a standout amongst the best players in the world. Rumay Wang is her real name. Her Arena streams (Hearthstone game) have around 800,000. They are where players compete with one another using the decks.

She has also shown her talents in World of Warcraft, and continues to win titles in World of Warcraft. She is followed by around 1.3million people.


Kitty is a top Twitch streamer. Kristen Michaela is her real name. She streams the games at least twice a day, and uses a variety games such as Overwatch and PUBG.

Her vlog content is what makes her famous. She keeps her viewers engaged with the activities she shares in her videos. She has approximately 1.1 million followers. She is the most popular streamer on Twitch and Instagram.

8. Ironmouse

Ironmouse is now a big deal on Twitch. She has been the most-subscribed female Twitch streamer since Kkatamania. Kkatamania’s record has been broken and she now has 1 million followers and 100,000 subscribers. Ironmouse’s most impressive feature is her animated image on Twitch. It’s amazing to watch her live streaming and hit all the Twitch forms.


Janet Rose is a top player and is well-known for her Twitch Livestream channel XCHOCOBARS. She is now on Twitch and sharing League of Legends videos as well as her voice-over commentary. She also contributes amazing content to the esports organisation Luminosity Gaming.

She has approximately 492k subscribers and 779k fans. She is one the most popular female Twitch streamers.


DIZZKITTEN, one of the most famous Twitch users, is her favorite platform PUBS where she streams. She is a popular Twitch player with 649k followers. High engagement rates are a hallmark of her audience. They are engaged with her content via the weekend streams. She can be seen live streaming with her fans for approximately 5 hours, from 8 to 1 AM, and for five days per week. She is one of the most popular Twitch streamers and she sticks to it.

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She enjoys playing games such as Global Offensive and Counter-Strike. She is a popular Twitch streamer and has received a lot of donations.


Lea May Currier, one of the most famous Twitch streamers, is currently running the LegendaryLea Twitch. She is able to connect with her fans by sharing her experiences and keeping them interested. She has 640000 Twitch subscribers and 635k Followers.

She is able to keep her audience interested by showing them different types of content. She also plays CS: Gold and Hearthstone. She keeps uploading new content to Sims 4.

Wrapping up

It is now time to wrap up. Gaming isn’t a male-dominated platform. Follow your favourite Twitch streamers and be a follower of them. Enjoy watching the incredible content of games. This article can be shared with your friends. For all the latest news, keep checking Path of Ex. Enjoy your day!

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