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Unique content grabs the attention of viewers. There are so many videos on TikTok. But, you’ll be amazed to see the top viewed TikTok videos. This article will provide additional information. You’ve reached the right place.

All of us were drawn to the TikTok trending videos, and we continue scrolling. TikTok is the place to be when you’re not working. A watchable entertainment video is what you expect. You will tap the hearts on the videos and give your view the title of ” Most viewed TikTok Videos“.

Let’s take a look at how TikTok’s entire media content is creating buzz and attracting attention. Check out the annual hit list that generated a lot of buzz on TikTok.

Top 9 Most Viewed TikTok Video

You might be wondering why these videos are so popular. You have to experience it for yourself. You will love it, we are certain!

1. 2.3 Billion Views

The most popular TikTok video is Zach King’s Harry Porter illusion. This amazing illusion was created by TikTok and received endless likes. Zach has 56 million followers. This TikTok video was viewed over 56 million times.

You might be surprised to see this person fly on a broom if you’ve seen the video. Many people were amazed at his feats of magic and tried to imitate his tricks. This video is the most popular on all platforms.

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2. 1.8 Billion Views

We are captivated by James Charles Christmas Wonderland videos. All viewers were attracted to her videos. She is multi-talented. She is not only a skilled makeup artist, but she can also sing and dance. This video was a top TikTok video.

Watch her stunning, high-spirited videos. You will be amazed at all the Christmas-related content she has added to her videos.

3. 1.2 Billion Views

We have always been amazed by Zach King’s amazing magic abilities. The video of Zach King performing hide and seek was a memorable experience. The video caused a wave effect on the TikTok platform. This video is sure to be a top-rated TikTok video. The transitions you can see in his hide-and-seek videos are quite impressive. I don’t want to add suspense. Watch his video and you will be able to experience it for yourself.

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4. 966.8 Million Views

Zach King deserves an enormous round of applause because of his magic tricks. You will like his video infinitely if you’ve seen the Cake glass illusion. This video was voted the most popular TikTok video. It will surprise you to see how he filled the glass with water. It wasn’t the glass, but a cake. We wonder where the water went when he cut the cake.

5. 662.2 Million Views

Zach King’s Paint Loop video continues to rank high and is a favorite for many years. Watch it now if you haven’t. He is the best. I have watched him five times and I still don’t know how he did it. He is the king and queen of magic, you will agree. This is the most popular TikTok video.

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630.8 Million Views

Bella Poarch’s M To The Bvideo uploaded in August. It has been viewed more than 47 million times and is currently ranked 6th under the most popular TikTok videos. This trend was everywhere and everyone was dancing to it. The official M to B track received 12m million views.

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7. Billie Eilish’s Face Warp Challenge | 332.8 Million Views

Billie Eilish’s adorable music track won millions of hearts. When she created the TikTok face warp challenge, she amazed us all. The video was liked by 36.3 people.

8. 309.9 Million Views

Addison Rae’s Wap Challenge was the most viral video and received an overwhelming response on TikTok. After the incredible choreography caught the attention of everyone on TikTok, this video received a lot of love. Charli D’Amelio and James Charles also displayed their WAP moves, which gained them huge likes.

9. 300.4 Million Views

This video is one of the most viewed TikTok videos. The video circulated all over TikTok and people couldn’t stop tapping tones and tons of hearts. You can see that he is carrying a milk container and sings melodiously. The milk jar then falls to the ground. This hilarious video received around 25.2 views.

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Wrapping up

It is now time to close my article. Scroll through the entire series of most-viewed videos on YouTube and TikTok. Keep checking this page to ensure you don’t miss any updates. This article can be shared with your friends. Have a great day!

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