Wondershare Recoverit: Most Secure Solution for Crashed Computer Recovery

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No matter how strongly you want your computer to stay protected from various system issues, the events of the crashed system may not be overruled. Staying prepared for such situations is the perfect solution rather than putting its possibility under the table. We will discuss how to restore data from crashed computer using the leading data recovery softwareWondershare Recoverit. 

Available on both Windows and Mac, Recoverit Data Recovery can manage crashed system recovery, as well as NAS and Linux Recovery, also video and photo restore. So, let us know more about Recoverit, its key features, and detailed steps to restore data from crashed computer with it.

What is Wondershare Recoverit?

Imagine a dedicated software solution offering multiple solutions for recovering data in different scenarios like crashed system, unknown error code, virus attack, accidental deletion, and formatting. Wondershare Recoverit is much-awaited solution for efficient, quick, easy, and secure data recovery from a crashed system.

Recoverit comes from a company of professional recovery experts offering a range of solutions since 2003. It is easy for beginners and professionals to use it in simple steps. Not to miss is the technical support offered by the team, which can be contacted around the clock by the users in the event of any problems in using this tool.

Key Features of Recoverit:

Are you impressed with the data recovery solutions of Recoverit? If yes, then we’ve more for you with a detailed list of its top features, which are not limited to the following:

  1. NAS data recovery: It can recover lost or deleted data remotely from logically corrupted or failed NAS storage devices. It offers quick NAS data recovery on storage devices like Thecus or QNAP.
  2. Linux data recovery: Linux users don’t need to worry about recovering the data as Recoverit supports the Ext4 file system. It helps in the smooth scanning of the storage devices having Linux data files and ensures that the data is precisely recovered. Recoverit offers a quick preview of the Linux data files like other operating systems.
  3. Improved photo and video recovery: It can retrieve unlimited photos and videos without corruption and handle different file formats. Further, Recoverit can recover Ultra HD, 4K, and 8K photos and videos. In addition to it, this tool can recover deeply hidden videos and photos.
  4. Corrupted video repair: The different corrupted video formats like MOV, MP4, FLV, or INSV can be quickly repaired by Recoverit. The advanced repair option and Batch video repair options can be used according to the user’s needs. The exclusivity of the advanced repair feature is that it can restore severely damaged videos with sample files. 

How to Use Recoverit for Computer Crash Recovery?

After knowing so much about Recoverit, are you excited to use it to recover data independently after a crashed computer? The prerequisites for using Recoverit, followed by the detailed steps, are as mentioned below:


  1. A working computer
  2. A blank USB drive
  3. A working cable to connect your device to the computer


  1. Downloading and launching Recoverit: The first step is downloading and launching Wondershare Recoverit on your PC or Mac. 

Alt text: downloading recoverit

  1. System Crashed Computer mode selection: The next step is to select the “System Crashed Computer” option. It is located on the left side panel of the Recoverit interface. 

Alt text: selecting the system crashed computer option

  1. USB drive preparation: Now, you’ll be creating a bootable media. All you need to do is select a USB drive to create a bootable media drive. Once done, select the “Start” option.

Alt text: preparing the usb drive

  1. Confirming the format option: After selecting the USB in the previous step, a pop-up message will appear on the screen. It asks for the permission for quick format of the selected USB drive. You must select the “Format” option on the screen.

Alt text: selecting the format option

  1. Bootable media creation: Bootable media creation may take a couple of minutes to complete. It is advised not to eject the USB drive when the software is creating the bootable media.

Alt text: creating the bootable media

  1. Booting up the crashed computer instructions: Once the bootable media is created successfully, you’ll see a notification about the next step to boot the crashed system using this device. 

Alt text: instructions for booting up the crashed computer

  1. Connecting the bootable media: The next step is to plug the bootable media to the crashed computer. Then, start the computer booting process. 
  2. Selecting the drive for data recovery: Recoverit will start automatically on the system and initiate data recovery from the crashed computer. Here, you must select the drive to recover the data on it.

Alt text: selecting the drive

Some Useful Tips:

Hope everything is clear to you about the detailed steps to use Recoverit for computer crash recovery. After being ready with these useful steps, how about having some useful tips on computer crash recovery prevention? So, below are the quick tips aiming to keep your system protected from computer crash recovery: 

  1. Always go for a safe and reliable data recovery software like Recoverit to restore data from the crashed computer.
  2. Keep your system safe with leading antivirus protection to prevent malware or virus attacks.
  3. Avoid opening or downloading email attachments from strangers, as these may contain malware or virus.
  4. It is recommended to keep your operating system protected and updated with the latest security patches.
  5. A computer may crash due to insufficient memory. Hence, it is advised to check the disk space of your computer.
  6. It is advised to defragment your system regularly.
  7. Clean your system regularly. All you need to do is to delete the cookies, unused files, and other unnecessary data.
  8. You must regularly keep a computer backup to prevent sudden data loss due to crashed computer.


So, you shouldn’t worry about the situations like a crashed computer as Wondershare Recoverit is at your disposal for quick data recovery. It is powerful software offering much-needed data recovery solutions in different data loss situations.  

Recoverit is a comprehensive data recovery software that beginners and professionals can quickly use. It helps restore more than 1,000 file formats, is compatible with more than 2,000 storage devices, and can recover data in more than 500 scenarios. Recoverit can effectively manage a crashed computer for quick access and detailed data recovery using the detailed steps. All you need to do is download this data recovery software from its official website.

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