Monamint Reviews Is Monamint Legit?

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You are looking for an air freshener to refresh your car and keep everyone hydrated throughout the journey. Monamint has an Air Freshener that is unique in its fragrance, and will keep you happy while driving. It can also be given to loved ones, according to some reviews.

Although there are not many products currently on Monamint, the reviews indicate that most customers in the United States are happy with the product. To learn more, read the Monamint Review.

What’s the Monamint Com Website?

Monamint, an e-commerce platform that began a few months back to sell air fresheners to online customers, is now known as Monamint. It is not clear if the company actually develops the device or if they simply trade the product.

The MRP and selling price of the product are different. Therefore, it is possible to assume that the device has been sold at a discounted price. The product is identical, but the website offers it with four colors: silver, blue-black, and red. Let’s see Is Monamint Legal?


  • Domain name –
  • Website address –
  • Email address –
  • Address 78 SW 7th St. Miami, Florida 33130, United States
  • Contact number – Not given
  • Newsletter –Available
  • Delivery Policy – Delivery time is seven days within the country
  • Return policy 30 days after receipt of the product
  • Debit and credit cards –Credit
  • Refund email address –

Let’s now examine some important positive and negative points to establish crucial legitimacy factors.

Pros for Monamint Portal:

  • The standard delivery time for the country is seven days.
  • Monamint Review believes that a 10% discount on a newsletter subscription will help shoppers save money.
  • Customers have enough time to consider product returns when they are covered by the refund policy.
  • The shopper can access the newsletter, email address and refund address.

Online Store:

  • This online store does not have a contact number.
  • It has a low trust rating and index rating.
  • Portal is not high in Alexa.
  • Our team could not verify the physical address. This may indicate that it is fake.
  • There are no customer reviews on this neutral review site.

Is Monamint Legit?

This section contains all facts and figures about this online store. These data will assist people in making purchasing decisions. Online shoppers should use the information below as an educational tool.

  • Trust score – This domain’s trust score is 2%. It indicates a suspicious website.
  • Domain age – It’s a site that is three months old (2nd March 2002).
  • Alexa ranking – Web portal Alexa has assigned a 2419278 rank this store. This indicates low traffic to its platform.
  • Domain expiry – This domain will expire 2 March 2023.
  • Plagiarism: The text and images looked copied from another suspicious website.
  • Trust index- Monamint Review The trust index for this store’s is 42.8%. This is a low index that can be used for legitimate sites.
  • Social media platform – This website does not have a social media link. We also couldn’t locate any account for this ecommerce store on social media.
  • Customer reviews – Unfortunately, we cannot find any customer feedback on air freshener products on popular review sites. Although some reviews are posted on the company’s website, it is difficult to verify their authenticity.
  • Physical address – Although the company address is provided for this store, we are unable to verify it and it is possible that it may be fake.
  • Owners details – This is the name and contact information of the owner. It is not listed on any portal web page.

Customer Feedback

Monamint reviews are not available on this website. This is a newer website andhas only been online for 3 months. There are some reviews on the company website, with most giving it a 5-star rating. These reviews are hard to believe, as they could have been fabricated.

This website is suspect because it does not have genuine reviews.

Final Verdict:

This portal is not supported by many website parameters, such as domain age, trust score, and absence of customer reviewsMonamint Review warns customers to stay away from this online shop as it may be a scam.

Have you ever purchased a product on this website? You can share your experience with this website in the comments section.

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