How to Transfer Data From PDF to Excel?

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Today, many people prefer to use Microsoft Excel for their data analysis. It is simple, powerful and easy to use. However, sometimes you may face problems when you try to open a PDF file in Excel because it is not compatible with this common spreadsheet program. Therefore, if you want to transfer data from PDF to Excel so that you can edit them or analyze them further, this article will help you out.

Transfer data from PDF to Excel using adobe

Adobe Acrobat is a great tool for converting PDF to MS Excel. It can be used to convert the entire PDF to Excel or just a few pages of your choice, which makes it an ideal solution for both small and large projects. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat supports all versions of Microsoft Excel and has no limit on file size when converting PDFs into spreadsheets in batch mode. As per the experts at Adobe Acrobat, “This makes it easy for you to extract data from your documents and save it as CSV files with ease.”

Transfer data from PDF to Excel using online tools

There are many online tools that can help you to transfer your PDF data into Excel. You have to create an account with these tools, then upload the PDF file and select the columns of data that you want to extract from it. Once done, click on the “Go” button to start extracting data from a PDF file into Excel format. However, most of these tools provide limited features and don’t support all types of files (like scanned or photocopied documents) because they were designed for simple text-based documents only.

Transfer data from PDF to Excel with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice

Microsoft Word and OpenOffice are two of the best tools to transfer data from PDF to Excel. Both tools have a built-in function that allows you to transfer data from PDF to Excel, but they both have their own limitations.

Microsoft Word can only transfer up to 5 columns at once, while OpenOffice can only transfer up to 7 columns at once. This means that if you have more than 5 or 7 columns in your PDF file, then you will need another way of importing them into Excel, as these programs do not support such large numbers of rows and columns at once.

Transfer data from PDF to Excel with Google Sheets

To transfer a PDF file to Excel with Google Sheets, you need to do the following:

  • Download the Google Sheets add-on.
  • Open your PDF document and select all data from it using the copy-paste function in MS Word or any other text editor (Notepad).
  • Follow these steps to import your file into Google Sheets:
  • Click on the More options icon in the top right corner of your spreadsheet window and choose Import / Export > Get & Transform Data > Uploads panel as shown below:
  • Click on the Upload files button as shown below:
  • You will see an upload dialogue box where you can browse for PDF files on your computer and then click the OK button as shown below:

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and learned how to transfer data from PDF to Excel. The process is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require much effort. Just follow the steps outlined in the sections above, and you will be able to get your data into an Excel file in no time!

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