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Forget about the aesthetics. I only want black wallpapers on iPhone to conserve my battery. Are you feeling the same? Or do you have a different reason? Whatever your reason, you can’t go back to black wallpaper if you don’t like it.

An OLED display is available in iPhone 12 models. OLED displays are great because they emit no light if you have dark or black wallpapers. This saves battery life. This is just one benefit of black iPhone wallpapers.

Below is a collection of black iPhone backgrounds that I have curated. I’m sure you’ll find some that you love. Do not forget to leave a comment with your favorite dark iPhone wallpaper.

1. iPhone Black Wallpaper

Is there anything more romantic than a ring moon and clouds? Nah! No! It is recommended that you install it at least once on your iOS.

2. Apple Logo Black Wallpaper iPhone

Free Download Now!” src=”×576.webp”/>

Black Apple logo backgrounds are a popular choice for iPhone users. This is especially true if your OLED display has one. It is extremely energy-efficient and also looks great.

3. Aesthetic Black Wallpaper for iPhone

Free Download Now!” src=”×576.webp”/>

Michaelangelo created The Creation of Adam, and it is still a favorite. I can stare at the all-black wallpaper on my iPhone for hours. What about you?

4. Black HD Wallpaper for iPhone

I don’t know if you are aware, but I love everything Greek. Achilles and Eros. The black and gray iPhone background speaks volumes about you. You are cool and you love Greeks. Kudos!

5. Skeleton Wallpaper for iPhone

Free Download Now!” src=”×576.webp”/>

Why choose a skeleton iPhone Wallpaper? It’s cool, umm. It’s cool! There are days when it feels like I am dying inside. This wallpaper for iPhone will make you feel just like me.

6. Dark iPhone Wallpaper

Free Download Now!” src=”×576.webp”/>

I think the best collages are those that express my feelings. The wallpaper’s small details are fascinating. Every detail, whether it’s the black cat or the moon, invites the viewer to look closer. Click on the Download button to get this file.

7. Dark and Cool Wallpaper iPhone

As I have already said, I love Greeks! Not everyone wants too much on their screen. For the sophisticated person in you, here is a minimalistic dark wallpaper. It is not too dark and has very little white, which makes it perfect.

8. Black Wallpapers For iPhone

Before I started searching for the best iPhone black wallpapers, I didn’t know skeletons were my favorite thing. This wallpaper is both cute and dark. It’s exactly what I love.

9. Pretty Black Wallpapers for iPhone

This black iPhone wallpaper is for those who are both crazy and have a great personality. This wallpaper is a great choice because of the roses, Eiffel tower, PSYCHOPATH and dark aesthetic.

10. iPhone Background in High Resolution Black

This wallpaper is for those days when you don’t like talking with anyone. You know that I will use the dark black wallpaper on my iPhone.

11. Lock Screen Aesthetic Wallpaper iPhone

Will I need to say anything or can you just press the Download button? Thug Life vibes are evoked by this iPhone wallpaper. If you like this wallpaper, then it is worth downloading.

12. Best Minimal Wallpaper for iPhone

Is there anything cuter than this tiny skeleton doing a dab? It’s not! It’s as easy as any other black iPhone wallpaper. This background is simple but cool.

13. iPhone Wallpapers in Cool Black and White

You have probably seen this iconic boy in a hoodie on the internet. This is an actual album cover. People sell T-shirts that have the boy printed on them. You found it cool? Great! This is why I made this list of black wallpapers for iPhone.

14. The Best iPhone Aesthetic Wallpaper

After the chaos of life, one needs to find some peace. Take a step back and see the world from your little corner. This is how I feel about this iPhone wallpaper. Let us know what you think about this wallpaper after you have seen it. You can also comment on whether or not you like the wallpaper.

15. Joker’s Best Apple Background

Joker is a name people would be willing to pay a lot for. Joker fans are devoted to the Joker franchise because of its style, mystery, and craze. Aren’t they all? Don’t delay, click the button below to download.

16. Aesthetic Black Wallpaper and White Wallpaper for iPhone

This is how dreams should look: beautiful and magical. Imagine if the sky was like this. They would be my first love. Did you know that you don’t have to look at your phone once you have put on this amazing black and white wallpaper?

17. Cute background for iPhones for girls

Although I’m not trying to be sexisthere by saying that only girls can download the wallpaper, it would make sense. This is how an overthinker feels. Since we are all overthinkers, it would make perfect sense to us all.

18. Wallpaper for Piano and Flower

This black iPhone wallpaper is a great choice if you are looking for peace. The little daisy-like flowers that bloom are also an expression of hope. This black iPhone wallpaper is infused with light and should be on every list.

19. Neon Wallpaper for iPhone

Do you think you’re as crazy as the wallpaper? If so, the Neon iPhone wallpaper will not suit you.

20. Galaxy Dark Wallpaper for iPhone

Free Download RN!” src=”×576.webp”/>

Stars are always special to me. Those distant twinkles in my eyes always inspire hope and remind me that there is more to the universe than what I can see. This starry iPhone wallpaper in black is my favourite from this list.

21. Cute Wallpapers for iPhone in Black

Free Download RN!” src=”×576.webp”/>

You can make little things cute and adorable. You can make doodles and small objects. The galaxy wallpaper also features a small Saturn and other planets.

22. iPhone Background with Neon Typography

Free Download RN!” src=”×576.webp”/>

Sexy, Cool, and Crazy! These three words are what define you, or you can make them your best. This is the black iPhone wallpaper that you should choose.

23. Aesthetic black wallpaper

Free Download RN!” src=”×576.webp”/>

Funny, but not exactly funny. This dark iPhone background with ” This wallpaper cannot be purchased-” was created for aesthetic purposes only. It is available right now.

24. All Black OLED Wallpaper for iPhone

This is the all-black HD wallpaper for iPhone that emits no light. These dark black waves are perfect for people who need OLEDwallpapers to help save their batteries.

25. Dark Aesthetic OLED Wallpaper for iPhone

This wallpaper is the best for those who don’t want to use as many of the bright wallpapers on their iPhones. This black iPhone wallpaper has a cool aesthetic and is very light.

26. Black OLED Wallpaper

You can find more OLED black wallpapers on iPhone. Here’s another. The endless darkness of space is visible only to an astronaut and a moon-like place. This is all you need to get your iPhone 12 and above.

27. Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers in Black

This is a classic music player that can be used as a wallpaper for your iPhone. It’s a perfect music lover’s dream. It makes me feel like I’m listening to Bollywood Jazz, even though I don’t know why. You should download this iPhone app, I know where I’m going after this.

28. Hakuna Matata Wallpaper for iPhone

Hakuna Matata b*tch!
It’s my life mantra. This black iPhone wallpaper would remind me to relax and let go, and that everything will unfold at its own pace.

29. Red & Black Neon HD Wallpaper 4k

It would be a shame if it was my wallpaper. But you can, guys! It’s a great wallpaper for your iPhone lock screen, and I know you are all amazing.

30. Aesthetic black wallpaper with sunset

Free Download RN!” src=”×576.webp”/>

I was tired of looking at all the black iPhone wallpapers and wanted something more calming for my readers. This pirate ship is set against a stunning sunset to soothe your nerves.

Wrapping up

It was any good? These black wallpapers are great for iPhone. To be honest, I tried to find some artistic pieces as well as dark backgrounds for my guys. Please let me know which one you liked in the comments section.

If you need wallpapers for any other topic, please comment. I will make sure to bring you the best. This article can be shared with your friends. Toodles!

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